Your Questions Answered: Interactions, CanXida Shipping & Additional Fees

Question: Are there any interactions between Candida supplements and other medications?

While we haven’t had reported cases of interactions with our CanXida supplements, it’s crucial to note that certain ingredients could interact with other medications. Always consult with a doctor or pharmacist before combining them to ensure safety.

Question: How long will shipping take?

All orders from our website are shipped between 6-7pm EST. To ensure the utmost flexibility for our customers, there’s a holding period of 6 hours for every order. This is to accommodate any last-minute decisions to cancel, modify, or change the order. For instance, if you place an order at 3pm, due to this holding window, your order will be dispatched the following day.

For our valued customers who have accounts with us, we offer an expedited option: “Rush My Order”. By selecting this, if your order is made before our standard shipping hours of 6-7pm, we’ll expedite the process and ship it out immediately.

Our efficient shipping process is streamlined with the UPS schedule. The UPS truck arrives at our warehouse between 6-7pm daily to pick up and start the delivery process. However, please note that on Fridays, the procedure might differ slightly as our warehouse is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. But don’t worry, orders still go out on Fridays and, in many areas, UPS delivers on Saturdays, ensuring that you might even receive your order on a weekend!

How long does it take for delivery?

  • For orders within the U.S.: On average, it takes about 3-7 business days from the time your order is picked up by the UPS truck.
  • International Orders: Shipments can take anywhere between 7-15 business days. Please keep in mind that customs clearances and other unforeseen international transit issues can cause delays.
  • Holiday Considerations: During the holiday season, shipping timelines can change. Due to a higher volume of orders and potential carrier delays, we recommend placing orders well in advance during these periods. Additionally, while we maintain our commitment to timely dispatch, UPS holiday schedules and operational hours may influence delivery times. It’s always a good idea to stay updated with both our holiday operational hours and those of UPS to plan your orders accordingly.

Although our team is steadfast in packing and dispatching your order swiftly, once it’s with UPS, our control over the shipping timeline is limited. Nevertheless, we equip every order with a tracking code, enabling you to monitor its progress closely.

In essence, we’re unwavering in our commitment to ensure your order reaches you as promptly as possible. We cherish your trust in us and appreciate your understanding in the occasional unpredictable nature of shipping logistics.

Question: Are there any additional fees or charges?

No, at CanXida, there are no hidden fees or additional charges. The price you see while making your purchase is the final amount. However, it’s important to highlight a few aspects for international customers:

  • Currency: All prices on CanXida are listed in USD. If you’re placing an order from outside the U.S., the final charge on your statement might differ due to the prevailing currency exchange rates at the time of the transaction.
  • Bank Fees: Some banks or credit card providers may impose a fee for international transactions. This is not a charge from our end but is levied by your financial institution. We recommend checking with your bank beforehand to understand any such potential fees.
  • Customs Charges: Depending on your country’s customs regulations, you might incur customs duties or import taxes on the products you order. These charges are not within our control and are the responsibility of the customer. It’s always a wise decision to be informed about your country’s customs policies when ordering internationally.

In summary, while we ensure transparency with our pricing, there are certain external charges, like bank fees or customs, which might come into play for international customers.

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