Your Questions Answered: Weight Loss Or Gain, Extra Therapies & Interaction With Other Cleanses

Question: I’ve been reading a lot about doing a cleanse recently. But, like, I’m really confused about what’s gonna happen to my weight if I go for it.

Weight changes during the cleanse can vary for individuals. Some people may lose weight due to the dietary restrictions and elimination of processed or sugary foods, while others might experience a slight weight gain initially due to factors like water retention. However, the primary goal of the cleanse is to address candida overgrowth and improve gut health, not weight management. Any weight changes are typically a secondary effect and can stabilize once the cleanse is completed and a balanced diet is resumed.

Question: Should I consider other complementary therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic care, or homeopathy in conjunction with the cleanse?

While complementary therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic care, and homeopathy can be beneficial, it’s recommended to focus primarily on the cleanse. Overcomplicating or adding too many interventions at once can make it hard to determine what’s having the most effect. Stick to the cleanse for clarity and simplicity, and consider other therapies afterward if desired.

Question: How will this cleanse interact with other health or detox regimens I’m considering or currently doing?

If you’re considering or currently following other health or detox regimens, it’s important not to overlap them with the candida cleanse. Overcomplicating with multiple regimens can lead to unintended interactions. If symptoms worsen, it would be challenging to pinpoint the cause. To avoid complications, complete one regimen at a time. Finish any current diet or cleanse, assess its effects, and then proceed with the candida cleanse. This way, you can clearly gauge the impact and benefits of each.

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