Your Questions Answered: Putting Oregano Oil On Your Feet, Blood Thinners’s Effect on CanXida & Diet Or Supplements For SIBO Treatment

Question: Can oregano oil put on bottom of feet help to get rid of monthly urinary infection with e-coli. Thank you,

Putting essential oils like oregano on the soles of the feet is a common misconception with the reasoning that there are larger pores on the soles of your feet so the oils can get into your body more easily. The truth is that pores don’t absorb things, they push out things like sweat and oil. In fact you have no oil pores on your feet at all. Natural antifungals like oregano can be useful as topical treatments for fungal skin infections since it comes in direct contact with it applied topically won’t help an internal condition like an UTI. Probiotics help restore normal flora and they are a more effective strategy to decrease the frequency of UTIs. You can use probiotic suppositories or topical D-mannose if you are having an active infection and use a high quality oral probiotic to prevent further infections. I recommend CanXida Restore which has 6 natural probiotic strains that include beneficial lactobacillus species proven to prevent yeast and E. Coli overgrowth. Additionally it has digestive enzymes to aid in nutrient absorption and improve gut barrier immunity. A cranberry extract supplement is also recommended to prevent UTI’s. Cranberry contains a compound that prevents bladder colonization by E. coli and yeast from attaching to the urinary tract. Cranberry extract also has anti-inflammatory activity that lowers pathogenic bacteria, and reduces the frequency of UTIs. Finally make sure to drink plenty of water to help flush down some of the E. Coli and never hold your pee as this increases the chanse of bacteria climbing up in the urinary tract and causing infection.

Question: I have candida yeast infection. and have had it for over a year. I am on blood thinner. Is there any safe medication I can take for Candida along with the blood thinner.

Unfortunately some of the herbs found in the CanXida Remove formula like Oregano, Grapefruit seed and Berberine can interact with blood thinning medication and increase the risk of brusing/bleeding so it is not advised to be taken together. Some antibiotics and antifungals can also interact with blood thinners like Warfarin so always work with a health care provider to look for a safe option for you. You can benefit from taking a high quality probiotic that contains multiple benficial strains that target Candida including lactobacillus Acidophillus and Bifidobacterium. Probiotics also create an unfavorable environment for yeast to grow by lowering the pH of the gut and directly overcrowding the yeast preventing it from growing.

Question: I’ve had candida before after a stool test, received treatment and dont know if i still have it. Years later now i have really strong case of sibo after having being tested with my breath for bacteria. Question, if i clean up my diet a little more and take candida crusher will it help with sibo?

SIBO can be difficult to treat because dealing with a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth requires a really comprehensive natural treatment protocol. Diet is the first step to focus on reducing symptoms caused by the bacterial overgrowth by reducing the main food source that they feed on: fermentable carbohydrates. Certain carbs are going to cause symptoms including starches, grains, beans, sugar, dairy, and prebiotic foods in some vegetables and roots. Natural herbal antimicrobial supplements like CanXida Remove are an effective approch for SIBO. Studies have shown that a combination of garlic extract (allicin) and oregano can help to tackle Methane-dominant SIBO. A combo of diet and supplements is always more beneficial than either one by itself.

Disclaimer: It’s crucial to consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your health regimen or when experiencing symptoms.