Can Water Kefir Benefit Those With Candida?

When deciding between water kefir and dairy kefir, it’s crucial to consider your personal preferences and needs. The choice boils down to the kind of cultured food you enjoy consuming. There’s no point in eating something you don’t genuinely love.

Kefir, whether water-based or dairy-based, is a fermented drink teeming with beneficial bacteria. Some individuals gravitate towards Water Kefir because of its simplicity. Using kefir grains, you can ferment fruit juice, coconut water, or coconut milk. While some historical records suggest the origins of kefir trace back to the regions near the Caspian Sea, the actual origin is unclear. It is believed that natural fermentation occurred when the grains were stored in bags and hung in doorways. This unique method of storage meant that as people walked by and the bag was jostled, the kefir would remain well mixed.

However, one must be cautious with Water Kefir. If not fermented correctly, especially with fruit juice, it might contain higher sugar levels or even a hint of alcohol. Such inadequately fermented kefir can exacerbate Candida conditions. This has been reported by several individuals, as we noted in our book, Candida Crusher. On the other hand, Dairy Kefir, especially when made from high-quality raw milk, contains added benefits of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Research has also shown that Dairy Kefir contains more beneficial bacteria compared to its water counterpart.

If you’re dealing with Candida, Coconut Kefir might be a more favorable option. Coconut contains anti-fungal compounds like Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid, making it an excellent base for kefir fermentation. But the primary takeaway here is that whichever type of kefir you choose, it’s crucial to make it correctly. If not, you could end up feeling worse. And always introduce such fermented foods gradually into your diet.

Type of Kefir Key Benefits Things to Note
Water Kefir Simple to make, Versatile Ensure proper fermentation, Avoid excess sugar
Dairy Kefir Rich in minerals, More bacteria Choose high-quality raw milk
Coconut Kefir Anti-fungal properties Suitable for those with Candida

Disclaimer: Always consult with your healthcare professional before making significant changes to your diet or introducing new foods. This article is meant for informational purposes only.