Your Questions Answered: Steroids For Asthma, Child With Multiple Candida Issues & Metamucil For Chronic Diarrhea

Question: For those of us that use steroids for asthma and hormone therapy, would it be a good idea to take a maintenance dose of the remove and restore? What would that look like?

Yes, CanXida Remove and Restore can definitely be good for those who are using steroids for asthma. Steroids are known to make the immune system weaker. This can put you at risk of repeated infections. It can also lower the body’s defenses against other disease-causing agents. Hence, if you are using steroids for asthma, you can include CanXida Remove and Restore in your treatment plan to boost your immunity and protect yourself against infections. CanXida Restore will also rejuvenate your body and cleanse your blood. These supplements would regulate the response of your immune system to the allergens and reduce the frequency and intensity of your asthma attacks over a period of time. You can use the maintenance dose of these supplements if you do not have any active symptoms of fungal infections. However, in case you develop infections, you can use the regular dosage to clear the infection in a shorter duration.

If you are undergoing hormone therapy, a maintenance dose of CanXida Remove and Restore will help you get better results. It will enrich your gut flora and regulate the bodily functions that play a role in the metabolic activities and the secretion of hormones. CanXida Restore will also help you avoid the common side effects of hormonal therapy like fatigue by increasing your energy levels. These supplements are formulated to promote energy production at the cellular level. It will help you feel fresh and energetic throughout the day and reduce the impact of your hormone therapy on your daily productivity. So, if you are planning to use a maintenance dose of CanXida Remove and Restore, you can go ahead with it to get better results with your existing treatments.

Question: My child was born naturally and had fluid on lungs so had antibiotics for 5 days. After his 6 week imms he started developing eczema and severe digestive discomfort. At 4 months we saw a naturopath who prescribed natural remedies to myself and albie (he was breastfed then) which caused his symptoms to worsen and caused a massive welt on face. 6 months we reached out to a natural eczema specialist who suggested probiotics, cod liver oil, zinc, vitamin d. Eczema was still progressing worse slowly. Breastfed until 8 months where he was put on an amino based formula as I had dropped down to 4 foods to try and help his eczema and digestive issues but that did not help and he was not putting on weight and his hemaglobin levels were low. Have also had drops from herbalist that did help slightly. Have worked with a functional medicine person and did stool samples that showed candidia which he have done grapefruit seed extract, sb500 and oregano oil for that. He is now 18months old Digestive discomfort is now much better but his eczema is terrible. He has a very itchy groin area, significant eczema behind knees, in elbows, on neck and on face. His sleep is also terrible as he his very itchy. Currently he is taking smidge probiotics, 1/2 capsule of rhamnosus probiotic, 3 drops of zinc, 2 drops of vitamin d, 2 drops of biotin and cetazine antihistime. All he is eating is mutton, venison, pear, apple, kumera, bone broth from mutton. amino acid formula

First, we need to find the root cause of his problems. Since he is already diagnosed with eczema, we also need to rule out other autoimmune disorders. Taking probiotics and other nutrients will surely help. He can also continue using the amino acid formula and anti-histamines if that helps to reduce itching and other symptoms. But, we need to do further tests like checking his eosinophil count and ANA test before we can decide on the treatment plan. The treatment will have to be long-term due to the involvement of the immune system, digestive system, and skin. I suggest you start with vitamin C supplements. You can also include iron and vitamin C-rich foods like grapes, oranges, sweet lime, and strawberries in his diet. Make sure you introduce any new food slowly and watch for any flare-ups. In case the symptoms become worse, you may need to try any other source of vitamin C.

I also recommend trying an elimination diet wherein you add one healthy food to his diet every week. This is very important to ensure he is getting a variety of nutrients from different sources. Eating a variety of food will also improve his mental health and reduce stress or anxiety about eating the same foods every day. Remember stress is a common cause of eczema and digestive troubles. You may continue with the other treatments and supplements. But make a special effort to focus on getting better nutrition, stress avoidance, and using immunity-boosting foods. Maintain hygiene and ensure the skin is patted dry after a bath. Clean and dry the parts well after urination and passing stool. If he sweats more, consider bathing him twice a day. Hopefully, these strategies will help resolve his symptoms over a period of time.

Question: What do you recommend for chronic diarrhea? I have been using Metamucil but not sure if this is good to use daily. I have also recently been diagnosed with diabetes and not sure if this has something to do with my gut health not absorbing correctly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If you are using Metamucil regularly, that could be the reason why you are having chronic diarrhea. Metamucil is used to treat constipation. What it does is it increases the bulk of stool to promote bowel movements. It can also increase the amount of water in your stools, making them softer and easier to pass. Metamucil is good to use on a regular basis for improving your digestive Health. However, if you are having diarrhea, you might have to stop using it. My advice to you is to slowly stop using Metamucil over a period of a few days. Start using it alternate days initially (if you are using it daily) and then, every 2 days to gradually wean off. Watch for a few weeks how your symptoms change. If your diarrhea reduces after stopping Metamucil, then that could be the cause. In that case, you may still use Metamucil occasionally when you have severe constipation, instead of using it regularly.

If stopping Metamucil does not help reduce diarrhea, you can try using CanXida Remove and CanXida Restore with or without Metamucil to improve your digestive functions. CanXida Remove and CanXida Restore will help to manage fungal infections and weak immunity, which are the common causes of digestive disturbances. These supplements will also help with your diabetes by improving your blood sugar control and strengthening your immunity. So, once you have decided whether Metamucil is the cause of diarrhea, you can start using CanXida Remove and CanXida Restore with or without Metamucil to manage your symptoms in a safe and more efficient way. Also, you need not worry about how much of Metamucil is absorbed in your body as this supplement mainly contains fibers that are meant to be left unabsorbed so that the bulk of stool is increased.

Disclaimer: This information aims to be a helpful reference point but it is imperative to consult with a healthcare professional before making any dietary changes or adopting new practices to ensure they are safe and suitable for your unique health circumstances.