Your Questions Answered: Oxalate Content, Histamine Intolerance & Light Exposure

Question: What is the oxalate content in CanXida products? Are they safe for individuals with specific health conditions, such as kidney stones, who need to be mindful of their oxalate intake?

Oxalates are naturally occurring compounds found in a variety of foods, primarily in certain vegetables, nuts, and seeds. They can bind to minerals in the gut and form crystals, which, in large amounts, may lead to kidney stones in susceptible individuals.

Most dietary supplements, especially those designed to support gut health or address candida issues like CanXida, don’t typically contain ingredients that are high in oxalates.

It’s essential for anyone concerned about oxalate intake (due to conditions like kidney stones) to consult with a healthcare professional and review the ingredient list of any supplement they’re considering.

Question: Can individuals with histamine intolerance take CanXida?

Individuals with histamine intolerance should always be cautious when introducing any new supplement to their regimen. Please watch the video below to learn more.

Question: How are CanXida products protected from light exposure during production and storage, given that certain types of light can degrade the quality of nutrients?

CanXida products are meticulously manufactured and stored in conditions that minimize light exposure, ensuring the potency and quality of the nutrients. Our production facilities adhere to stringent standards, and the packaging is specifically designed to block harmful light rays that can degrade certain ingredients. Additionally, we advise customers to store the products in a cool, dark place to further maintain their effectiveness and prolong shelf life.

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