Your Questions Answered: EKG, Sleep Study & Psychological Assessment

Question: Can CanXida supplements influence the results of a cardiac stress test or EKG?


Question: Will CanXida affect my sleep study results? I’m having a polysomnography done soon.

There isn’t direct evidence suggesting that CanXida supplements would interfere with polysomnography or other sleep study results. However, individual reactions to supplements can vary. If you have concerns or experience changes in sleep patterns while on CanXida, it’s recommended to discuss with your healthcare provider and the sleep study specialist prior to the test.

Question: I’m scheduled for a psychological assessment. Could taking CanXida influence the results?

CanXida supplements, are formulated to address candida overgrowth and support digestive health. While our products primarily focus on physical health, we recognize the gut-brain connection’s intricate relationship in overall wellness.

When taking CanXida Remove, some individuals experience a ‘die-off’ effect due to its antifungal properties. This die-off can lead to the release of toxins as candida cells break down, which might temporarily affect one’s mood or mental state. It’s essential to understand that any mood alterations during this time might not be a direct result of CanXida Remove itself but rather the effect of the die-off and toxin release.

Given this potential impact on mood, it’s prudent to discuss with your healthcare professional or psychologist about any supplements you’re taking, especially if you’re experiencing a die-off effect. This will help them interpret your psychological assessment results with a full understanding of all potential influencing factors.

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