How To Choose A Gut Cleaning Antifungal, Antibacterial Or Anti-Parasite Supplement That Actually Works & Skip The Junk

When choosing a supplement, go with a compressed tablet vs a cellulose capsule product.

Don’t buy those cheap cellulose capsules that have a blend of different herbal powers. They’re not nearly as effective as tablets. A tablet will almost always have more antifungal activity because more natural ingredients can fit into it. As the capsule itself takes up a lot of space that can be used for herbs instead.

When you select a tablet, make sure that it’s sustained release.

Sustained release means when you swallow this tablet, your digestive system doesn’t get access to everything immediately.

But over a period of several hours it slowly breaks down in the gut.

That way it targets all parts of your GI track. It cleanses all the yeast and bad bacteria right from your mouth and keeps working all the way through the colon and “back passage.”

Now, likely whatever supplements you were taking before were not sustained release.

They weren’t put together by someone with decades of experience treating your specific health problem. They were likely put together by a company that’s got a 1000 other products and they pay lip service to making an gut cleansing formula.

Or they’ve just put out a product with one thing like oregano oil.

That’s one of the reasons we made our own antifungal formula, CanXida Remove, which contains the 12 ingredients. We got disappointed with the stuff available in grocery stores.

Too many supplements these days are filled with fake ingredients.

This isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact. Back in 2015, the New York Attorney General Office conducted 390 tests on a wide range of supplements. They gathered bottles from the shelves of 4 major retail stores.

These were some very big brands. They then sent the bottles over to a lab and DNA tested every tablet to see if the ingredients matched the label. And guess what they found. . .

Only 21% of the products actually had the herbs advertised on the bottle.

79% didn’t contain ANY of the herbs and were just full of crap like rice powder and wheat!

Here’s a screenshot of an article from CBS News reporting on it:

And it gets worse. . .

One survey done by the FDA found 68% of the supplements tested didn’t even have the MAIN INGREDIENT advertised on the bottle. For example, one “St. John’s Wort” supplement contained nothing but “senna,” a laxative that can cause anal blistering.

Imagine taking something like that when you’ve already got a gut problem.

This is why we tell folks to avoid generic brand supplements from places like Amazon or iHerb for your chronic issues.

The way you find good supplements is by asking “Where did this product come from? Where did the company get the raw materials? What kind of research has gone into this product?”

Was the product formulated by a person who’s an expert on it? Has it been tested and proven to work on your specific problem? Do they provide extensive education about dosage or the best way to use that product?

Does the product use standardized ingredients?

Standardized means that each time you take this supplement, you’re getting a consistent therapeutic dose. It doesn’t vary in potency from batch to batch as is often the case in non-standardized supplements. It’s a bit like how pharmaceuticals are made.

You get the same strong therapeutic dose every time you take it.

Don’t just go for the cheapest product. You’ll get cheap results.

If you want to test out a high quality natural antifungal supplement, check out our CanXida RMV formula.

This is a “heavy duty” formula designed to work even for extremely severe cases where the patient has been sick for YEARS & every other antifungal supplement and drug they tried in the past either failed them or the yeast infection came back.

CanXida RMV is an advanced 12 ingredient anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & anti-parasitic formula based on two decades of experience. It’s the only formula that targets the BIG PICTURE of gut disturbances & is in our opinion the most premium gut cleaning supplement ever created.

It is non-toxic, has no side effects & is safe even for children. You won’t find anything stronger.

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