Your Questions Answered: Chromosomal Deletion Candida, Antibiotics For Acne Causing Candida & Eosinophilic Esophagitis After Difficulty Swallowing

Question: My 8 yo son has a chromosomal deletion. It causes apraxia of speech, motor processing delays and autism traits. It’s also known to cause obesity. He also has hypotonia (low muscle tone) He has always gravitated towards breads, pasta, pastry. To the point it was/is concerning me. I have to hide bread and noodles. I noticed his tics would increase after eating certain foods. Mostly sweets or carbs. He acts like he is drunk. When I approach his drs, they shrug it off and said there’s no none data that proves food causes these behaviors, but said I could try. I researched and found that a very high percentage of children with autism/adhd have overgrowth of yeast. I did an independent food sensitivity test and it came back that he is highly sensitive to pretty much all grain except for oats/barley and rye. Even rice he is sensitive to. It also showed he was low in good bacteria. He never seemed to be constipated, but he only goes once a day (maybe every other sometimes). Ever since he was a newborn. I thought it was “normal” since he didn’t seem to be in any pain or discomfort. But after having my second child and she went a lot more than he did (about the time we found out about his hypotonia), I am wondering if his low tone is affecting his digestive system. Sorry for a long email. It feels defeating to hear from “medical experts” that I’m grabbing straws. I truly feel that he does have a yeast overgrowth. I also wanna add that he gets eczema pretty bad, usually during season change.

Starving the bad microbes and feeding the good microbes in the gut improves brain function by reducing inflammation. Research shows that gluten can increase systemic inflammation when ingested. In fact, your body can create antibodies to gluten which can inflame your brain. Gluten also decreases good bacteria in the gastrointestinal system, which is associated with an increased likelihood of feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed. Grains are also fortified with synthetic folic acid which is subsequently converted to active folates. Children with autism oftentimes have methylation impairments that significantly slow the folate cycle resulting in developmental delays and autistic behaviours therefore removing most grains from the diet can improve methylation impairments. Although the research on gluten-free diets is mixed, many parents of children with autism report seeing improvements in symptoms when they eliminate gluten from their child’s meals.

Dairy contains a protein called A1 beta casein. A1 beta casein causes inflammation and has been consequently linked to autism symptoms. Casein also decreases the body’s ability to make glutathione which is the body’s master antioxidant. Up to 80% of the body’s glutathione is deficient in autism and as a result children with autism experience higher levels of glutamate. Removing dairy reduces inflammation and improves glutathione production and as a result autistic behaviours diminish.

Hypotonia or low muscle tone can result in reflux and/or constipation due to abnormalities in coordination of voluntary and involuntary muscle function in the digestive tract. Low tone in the mouth can also affect mastication leading to weak chewing and poor/picky eating. People with hypotonia tire easily so they often reach for sweets and starches as quick sources of energy and may often have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Foods with higher amounts of fiber and protein tend to contain more concentrated nutrients than sugary items, while promoting satiety and healthy transit time. Improving nutrient density can be done through a low sugar anti-inflammatory diet which should be focused mostly on low mercury fish, vegetables, low sugar fruit like berries, flax seeds and spices like turmeric.

Additionally to boost fiber intake which helps improves sluggish digestion you can try replacing grains with certain low carb pulses like lentils, chickpeas or mung beans. If you son gravitates towards refined carbs try new alternatives like pasta made from beans, cauliflower tortillas or low carb bread options made with seeds. Ensuring proper digestion is also key to absorbing enough nutrients, and supplements like digestive enzymes and probiotics aid in the breakdown and assimilation of food while supporting a healthy gut microbiome. I recommend CanXida Restore which is formulated with 6 clinically researched probiotic strains including Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS 1 which can restore gut balance and prevent yeast to thrive and overgrow by secreting acidophillin which supports optimal gut health pH. It has also been shown to reduce the prevalence of eczema, and it can improve constipation, reduce cold and flu symptoms and improve food sensitivities. Restore is also formulated with 7 digestive enzymes that support optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients preventing large food particles from causing further microbial imbalances and digestive upset. Children with hypotonia can also benefit from mitochondrial supplements that can boost energy production such as carnitine, R-ALA, and CoQ10.

Question: I suffer from Candida for nearly 10 years. The last 3-4 years were very very challenging for me, because my gut and overall my body is in really bad shape. But nobody seems to take me seriously. I have dozens of symptoms and on your candida quiz i got a score of 94. I took antibiotics for acne several times in my early 20´s and this was a huge mistake. I am on a strict diet for years with no commercial sugar, no alcohol, and in the last couple of weeks i took out all grains which seems to work a bit, but i’m not getting better really. Maybe very slowly. Because my diet and lifestyle overall are very good i have the feeling that the right supplements are the missing part on my way to healing my gut. I just want to live a normal life again like all my friends 🙁 and don’t want to worry about my gut 24/7. I feel like i have so much potential to acquire a good “career” and do good in life but my gut is restricting me in every way possible. Thank you for reading this.

Gut dysbiosis refers to an imbalance of bacteria and other microbes in your gut. When you have been exposed to factors like antibiotics, poor diet and stress this can create dysbiosis in your gut. Dysbiosis compromises your gut immunity and increases your chances of leaky gut. Leaky gut can then lead to systemic inflammation. High doses of antibiotics taken over a longer period of time can completely alter the gut microbial community. It’s important to focus on restoring your gut health. The first step is to remove whatever is driving inflammation.

This could be poor diet,food sensitivities, medication or a gut infection. You may need to work with a practitioner to explore potential causes, but you can also take an IgG food sensitivity test to track potential food intolerances, and additionally you can take a comprehensive stool test which will give you an entire view at your microbes, or if you suspect Candida an organic acids (urine) test is also a more affordable option. There are many herbs and plant foods that kill pathogens in the gut. CanXida Remove contains 12 natural antimicrobials to ensure potency and broad spectrum action against infections. You can also add natural antimicrobial foods in to your diet like garlic, coconut oil and ginger.

The second step is replacing your diet with nutrient-dense foods and encourage healthy digestion. Your diet should contain lots of fiber from fruits and vegetables, few processed foods and very little sugar. Avoid if possible grains, diary, starches and other high carbohydrate foods since they can feed pathogenic yeast and bacteria. Focus on anti-inflammatory foods like fish, cruciferous veggies, berries, flax and spices like turmeric. Some people will also require the help of digestive enzymes, or betaine HCL (helps restore normal stomach acidity).

Taking a probiotic can help stop the spread of opportunistic pathogens after a round of antibiotics. Probiotics like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium help preserve and restore the intestinal barrier. CanXida Restore has 6 probiotic strains plus digestive and systemic enzymes to restore gut health. Finally it also important to repair your leaky gut by taking targeted nutrients to restore the gut lining. These can include zinc, vitamin D, omega-3 fats, glutamine and slippery elm found in CanXida Rebuild. Some gut healing foods include bone broth, sauerkraut and aloe vera. Remember to prioritize the basics including quality sleep, reducing stress, daily movement and hydration.

Question: I have asthma exacerbated by pet allergies and a persistent toe fungus unresponsive to treatment. Recently diagnosed with Eosinophilic esophagitis after difficulty swallowing, I declined further invasive tests due to costs. Supplements like vitamin D and omega-3 provide some relief. I also have a resistant wart on my thumb. Despite a normal stool sample and colonoscopy, an online test suggested candida. Could there be a link between my conditions and candida or parasites?

Candida and asthma occur frequently together as a result of antibiotics and steroid therapies. Antibiotics eliminate the beneficial bacteria flora found in the lungs, intestinal tract, and throughout the body, thereby eliminating the inhibition of candida colonization. Additionally, antibiotics and steroids temporarily suppress the ability of the immune system to respond to the spread of candida, allowing for unchecked growth. The end result can be a lifelong imbalance that creates discomfort and restriction, and sensitizes the lungs to other allergens. The chronic inflammation and presence of candida creates sensitivity to many internal and external triggers that cause asthma attacks. Oral and Esophageal candidiasis (thrush) are two of the most common symptoms associated with steroids. As prescriptions of steroids has increased, so has the occurrence of esophageal candidiasis. You can restore your immune function by eating a healthy diet and helping your body detox with probiotics and herbal antifungals like CanXida Remove.

A low sugar anti-inflammatory diet such as the Candida diet has been shown to be a factor in reducing and repairing lung conditions like asthma. As mycotoxins can damage the gut microbiome and increase the number of bad bacteria, it’s essential to get high-quality, high-dose probiotics on board like CanXida Restore when treating yeast overgrowth. Regular sweating in a sauna can also help decrease the load of toxic irritants in the lungs and improve lung health. Because yeast, mold and any type of fungus thrives in humid environments it is important to keep localized areas of fungal infections such as the toe nail very clean and dry. Avoid going into water for too long, like taking a bath, hot tub, or swimming.

Nail fungus can be difficult to treat, and it may require a longer course of treatment than other types of fungal infections. Consider laser treatment which can be used to kill the fungus by heating the skin to high temperatures or in extreme cases removal of the affected nail can help prevent spread. For warts, there are several treatment options available but freezing with liquid nitrogen seems to be the most effective over the counter treatment, and you can ask your doctor about laser therapy. If you’ve addressed the yeast, cleaned up your diet, tried probiotics, and are still experiencing significant symptoms, it may be time to reach out to an immunologist (allergy doctor) which can help your body decrease its immune response to irritants by using immunotherapy.

Disclaimer: This article intends to provide general insights and may not apply to individual cases. It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure that any vitamin supplementation, especially Vitamin D, is safe and beneficial based on your specific health circumstances and requirements. This approach ensures that any supplementation undertaken is not only safe but also beneficial in bolstering your health.