Are Herbal or Natural Remedies or Supplements Actually Effective Against Chronic Gut Issues Such as Candida Yeast Infections, SIBO, IBS or Parasites?

We’ve done a lot of research on the topic of natural remedies.

And one thing we discovered (from our surveys) is about 70% of people with moderate to severe gut issues have NEVER actually tried to get rid of it using natural methods such as supplement.

They think “that natural stuff doesn’t work” & that the only options they’ve got are drugs like antibiotics.

And this just isn’t true. Keep reading and we’ll explain why.

There’s several reasons why we ONLY recommend natural products for candida yeast infections.

The key reason is because natural medicine doesn’t harm your beneficial bacteria. It lets you take out the yeast without harming the “good guys” or causing damage to your internal environment. It’s the difference between using a sniper rifle and a nuclear bomb.

A nuclear bomb is something like an antibiotic.

Another benefit of natural medicine is resistance doesn’t occur with natural ingredients.

That happens with drugs. This has been confirmed many times with studies done on things like grapefruit seed extract, caprylic acid, undecenoic acid, clove, and other natural anti-fungals. Resistance just doesn’t happen.

It happens with pharmaceutical drugs because they are synthetic. They’re only made up of one thing. They’ve got one ultra refined chemical compound with a very narrow band of action.

Once a yeast, bad bacteria or parasite develops a resistance to this action, the pharmaceutical drug is done.

Remember, these bad bugs are very adaptive.

If you only hit them with one action they will soon work out how to fool this action. And you know what happens next. The drug no longer works and the problem comes back. And then you go back to the doctor who puts you on a new drug and the cycle repeats again.

Natural medicines are different.

They doesn’t just contain one thing. They’ve got many different natural chemicals and compounds in there that make it up. They attack the pathogen from many different angles so it gets overwhelmed & can’t fight back.

And as you’ll discover if you try any of the CanXida formulas the natural stuff is no less effective at getting rid of yeast, bad bacteria and parasites then the synthetic stuff.

For further evidence of this, check out the following post on our blog: Non-Significant Difference” Between CanXida Remove & Antibiotic’s Ability To Inhibit Escherichia Coli. It’s an actual lab test we had conducted comparing CanXida to an antibiotic.