Your Questions Answered: CanXida For Children, Missed Taking Tablets & Foods While Taking CanXida

Question: Can I give CanXida Remove to my children?

Yes, CanXida Remove can be given to children, but the dosage should be adjusted based on the child’s age and body mass. For detailed guidance, consult with a healthcare professional.

Question: I missed a dose; what should I do?

If you missed a dose, don’t sweat about it. Just take it whenever you can. Missing a dose once or twice won’t make or break things. What matters is being consistent over time. Don’t stress over small things.

Question: What foods should I eat while taking CanXida Remove to maximize its effectiveness?

Here at CanXida, we recommend the MEVY Diet to maximize the effectiveness of CanXida Remove. MEVY stands for Meat, Eggs, Vegetables, and Yogurt. This simple and easy-to-follow diet, based on decades of experience, ensures you nourish your body while combating candida effectively.

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