Your Questions Answered: Air Quality, High-altitude Regions & Lectin

Question: How is the air quality maintained in the CanXida manufacturing facility? Are there measures in place to ensure that pollutants or contaminants don’t affect the product?

At CanXida, we prioritize the quality and safety of our products. We collaborate exclusively with a manufacturing partner that operates within a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and is a FDA Registered Facility.

GMP is an international quality standard system which ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to the highest quality benchmarks. This encompasses every facet of production, from raw materials to the training and hygiene of staff. Moreover, within such a facility, advanced air filtration systems are utilized, and regular air quality assessments are undertaken to guarantee that no contaminants or pollutants can compromise the quality of our products.

We have chosen this manufacturing partner due to their unwavering commitment to these standards, ensuring that every CanXida supplement reaching our customers is of the utmost quality and safety.

Question: Is the efficacy or stability of CanXida products influenced by altitude, especially for individuals residing in high-altitude regions?

To date, we have not identified altitude as a factor that compromises the integrity of our products. However, if individuals residing in high-altitude regions have specific concerns, we recommend storing the product as directed on the label and consulting with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

Question: What is the lectin content of the plant-based ingredients in CanXida supplements? Are they compatible with diets that emphasize low lectin intake, such as the Plant Paradox diet?

CanXida Remove’s formulation focuses on the optimal balance of ingredients to target candida and other imbalances in the gut. While we do utilize plant-based ingredients, we don’t specifically formulate based on lectin content. However, we always prioritize the highest quality and most beneficial forms of each ingredient. If you’re strictly following a low lectin diet like the Plant Paradox, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before incorporating CanXida Remove or any other supplement.

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