Are Supplements Necessary For Gut Issues Such as Candida, SIBO, & IBS Or Can You Fix These Issues With Diet Alone?

A question we often get is, “should I take probiotics or supplements during my treatment?” Or “I want to heal my gut issues through diet alone. Is this possible?”

And the answer to that is yes. You can heal many chronic gut disorders with diet alone.

This goes for candida yeast overgrowth, SIBO, IBS, parasite infections, and many other gut issues.

But it’s hard. REAL HARD.

And we can tell you right now – it DOESN’T HAPPEN in the vast majority of cases.

Trust us, if you’ve got a moderate to severe gut disorder you won’t get rid of it with diet alone. You also won’t get rid of it with probiotics or antifungals or antibacterials alone.

You need to do BOTH diet & supplements if you want long lasting recovery.

Listen: You may be able to alleviate some of your gut disorder symptoms using diet alone but to truly fix your health you need high doses of “powerful agents” to cleanse the gut and get rid of inflammation. Things like allicin from aged garlic extract, grapefruit seed extract, standardized rosemary & more.

You’d have to go on a hardcore diet to get adequate doses of all these from food. So hardcore you’d irritate your digestive system so much you’d throw your beneficial bacteria off balance and start to get problems.

We didn’t always have this approach.

We told patients with gut disorders to go to health food stores. We told them to buy anti-inflammatory & antibacterial foods like organic garlic, oregano, and cloves. We told people to focus on eating whole foods & not rely on supplements.

And it didn’t work.

People just got overwhelmed with the amount of stuff they had to eat.

Diet alone doesn’t work for most people. We’ve seen people eat the most amazing diets. Stuff like ten cloves of garlic plus big chunks of ginger and tablespoons of turmeric powder each day. Yet when they did a stool test they still had problems.

All patients with candida and SIBO, for example, need some kind of enzyme support. These enzymes will help to break down the foods into their molecular components.

This leads to increased absorption and a higher therapeutic value from those foods. Plus it’s going to give the good bacteria downstream a better base to feed on.

Which means less bloating for you, less gas, less brain fog, less inflammation, and a shorter recovery time.