Your Questions Answered: CanXida C-3K Plus Formula, Oil Based Laxatives With CanXida, Fast Track To Treating Gut Issues

Question: I have a question, about the Canxida C-3K Plus formula. I am sure the stevia is a very small amount, but have serious candida, so wanted to make sure it wasn’t contraindicated to take early in the program.

You really do not have to worry about Stevia when you are using CanXida C-3K Plus formula because, as you have already noticed, it is added to the supplement in a very low amount. The purpose of adding stevia to CanXida C-3K Plus formula is to make the supplement more palatable while also allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this natural sweetener. Stevia has great taste. CanXida C-3K Plus formula is naturally sweetened with 100% stevia and does not have any sugars. Stevia is only a substitute for sugar. But it is not any kind of sugar. It is also not a carbohydrate. It is obtained from the leaves of the stevia plant. It is nearly 100 to 300 times sweeter than refined table sugar. So, even a very small quantity of stevia is enough to make the supplement more palatable and hence, easier to use. Moreover, stevia does not have any calories or harmful artificial ingredients.

So, it is completely safe for you. On the contrary, it can offer several benefits. Stevia has the ability to discourage the absorption of glucose in the blood. This effect of stevia will help reduce your risk of candidiasis and other fungal and bacterial infections that flourish with sugar. It can also lower your blood pressure and increase the excretion of sodium and water from your body via urine. This would promote detoxification and cleanse your body thus clearing the infection in a shorter period. The extremely low glycemic index of stevia will also help regulate your blood sugar level thus taking care of diabetes, which is a common cause of candida. Hence, even if you are having severe symptoms of candida, stevia will only help to relieve them and not worsen. So, you can take it throughout your program from the beginning to the end without worrying about any adverse effects.

Question: Is it okay to use oil-based laxatives with Canxida meds during MEVY, since psyllium husk causes dryness? For Canxida Restore, should I start with one dose daily in week one of MEVY, then increase to two doses in week two?How long should I wait between taking the second dose of Restore and an oil laxative at bedtime? My doctor advised switching from Vitamin C to D and following a diet like the Candida Crusher book.

You can use an oil-based laxative like medicated castor oil when you start with the MEVY stage, if psyllium husk is causing dryness and constipation. Make sure you use castor oil in the recommended dosage. If you have not used it earlier, start with a lower dose and then, gradually increase the dosage. Also, eat proper meals and avoid skipping dinner when you are using castor oil. Slippery elm can be a good alternative for oil laxatives. You can try using both slippery elm or castor oil, but only one at a time, and see what works better for you. Both of these can be safely used with a CanXida supplement and help you get better results by promoting colon cleanse and detoxification. If your overall health is fairly good and if you have not had any severe reaction to any medications or supplements in the past, you can use CanXida Restore in the regular dosage.

If you are concerned about how your body would respond to the supplement, take one dose per day for one or two weeks when you start the MEVY diet. Once you feel your body has adjusted to the supplement and its effect on your bowel movements, you can use it twice a day. Stick to the same dose thereafter. You can take the dose of Restore after dinner and then, take oil laxatives 5 to 10 minutes before going to bed. Maintain a time interval of at least 1 hour between the supplement and the oil laxative. If your digestion is weak, keep a gap of 2 hours to allow the supplement to be properly absorbed in your body before taking the oil laxative. Since the multivitamin product has the blend of necessary vitamins, you need not take any supplements separately.

Question: Based on your recommendations, I have done both the SIBO and COMPREHENSIVE stool test. Sibo returned Positive with both Hydrogen and Methane dominant. I am awaiting results for my stool test. I am currently able to tolerate basmati white rice with fish or plain chicken soup with no vegetables. Please I need a fast track on your canXida products and wondering if you could advise me of what to buy based on my situation. I have Thelesimia trait and a longstanding anemia likely secondary. Pancytopenia is the new findings sometime mid this year by the hospital.

Since your SIBO test is Positive, focus on managing this condition. As you are able to tolerate basmati white rice with fish and plain chicken soup, you can continue to include these foods in your regular diet. But keep in mind that basmati rice is comparatively more difficult to digest than most other forms of rice. So, try to check if you can tolerate any other form of rice so that you can include a variety in your diet and do not have to consume only basmati rice. Also, you need not fast-track your CanXida supplements because the regular dosages are measured to provide the optimum quantities of the ingredient that the body needs to derive the benefits. Also, SIBO is a long-term condition. So, you need to follow a slow and steady approach. Do not worry. You should be able to see the results within a few weeks now since you already know the diagnosis.

The hydrogen and methane in your intestine could be primarily responsible for your symptoms as these gases can slow down the transit time of food in the bowel leading to constipation. To manage hydrogen SIBO, you can follow a low-sulfur diet. It is also advisable to avoid foods containing fructose and fructans. These are types of sugars found in fruits and some vegetables. Also, reduce your intake of dairy products as the lactose in them could worsen your symptoms of hydrogen and methane-linked SIBO. Limit your intake of legumes as they contain galactans, another compound that might worsen your symptoms. Follow this dietary advice to limit methane and hydrogen-linked SIBO and slowly you would find an improvement in your symptoms. You would also need to undergo genetic counseling for the Thalassemia trait and consult your primary care physician about how to manage anemia and pancytopenia.

Disclaimer: This information aims to be a helpful reference point but it is imperative to consult with a healthcare professional before making any dietary changes or adopting new practices to ensure they are safe and suitable for your unique health circumstances.