Your Questions Answered: Burning Stomach Discomfort, Pet Hair Candida Link & NAC For Excessive Mucus

Question: Hi! I’m taking all 3 supplements and it’s definitely helping my skin and scalp issues! I’ve been taking a PPI called Protonix and ny doctor says I can wean off of it. The problem is that I’m taking a 1/2 pill now instead of 1 pill and the increased acid is causing me a lot of discomfort with burning in my stomach and esophagus. Do you have any suggestions on supplements to help ease this as my stomach adjusts to making more acid?

The acidic environment in your stomach performs several important roles that are truly vital for good digestive health and wellbeing. That heartburn is a sign of imbalances in your digestive tract. Taking an antacid may relieve your short-term symptoms, but it might not fix the long-term imbalance. Antacids may even contribute to Candida since an acidic environment is your body’s first line of defense against it. Insufficient stomach acid can prevent you from digesting your foods properly. This means that undigested food is passes on to your intestines. The presence of this undigested food in your intestines can feed Candida and cause damage the intestinal lining. The lower valve of the stomach opens when your food is acidic enough to pass on to the small intestine. If this doesn’t happen quickly pressure can build up in the stomach and that’s how stomach acid can end up splashing up into your esophagus.

Not because stomach acid is too high, but because it is too low and it is preventing food from passing in a timely manner. Even with the best diet, we all lose stomach acid production as we age. Sometimes we simply need to replace what we’re losing due to this aging process. That’s where supplements like Betaine HCl can be very useful, to supplement the stomach acid that you are already producing.Other measures might include changing your eating habits to chew more, and not rushing your meals. Eliminating antacid medication is a great step to take, as it may be making your symptoms worse in the long term. Instead, use supplements that will support your body’s own digestive processes, like digestive bitters, Betaine HCl, digestive enzymes, and apple cider vinegar.

Question: Since candida spores can be inhaled through pet hair, is it possible for me to develop a candidal pnemonia? I also sometimes have a dry cough, and I use NAC sometimes when I excessive mucus. I also heard it had biofilm disrupting affects.

One key way in which an infection becomes persistent (such as Helicobactor pylori, and Candida) is via the formation of biofilms. These biofilms can protect microbes from the immune system and antimicrobial agents. There are multiple natural substances which have been identified as useful for the inhibition and disruption of biofilms, including berberine, caprylic acid, as well as systemic enzymes such as serrapeptase. NAC is a mucolytic agent (breaks down the wall of biofilms), and can promote the disruption of mature biofilms. Studies on efficacy of NAC in the breakdown of biofilms related to pathogens responsible for upper respiratory infections such as Pseudomona Aruginosa and Candida Albicans, have shown that NAC is able to reduce bacterial and fungi adhesion in these areas. CanXid Remove also has powerful biofilm dirutors such as berberine, caprylic acid and undecylenic acid.

Usually yeast infections in pets are the result of diet and hidden allergies/sensitivities that lower their immune defense. Changing their diet might be a good first step. Some useful natural supplements for both you and your pets are coconut oil which has lauric acid that helps with digestive and immune issues. Probiotics and digestive enzymes are critical for dealing with a yeast overgrowth. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help overcrowd the yeast. CanXida Restore additionally has systemic enzymes to further inhibit biofilms and digestive enzymes to improve digestion and help starve Candida. CanXida Remove an Restore are not reccommended for pets due to large differences in metabolism and anatomy since it;s specifically formulated for humans. For your pet look for species specific probiotics and an animal detox blend which comes in smaller doses. Always consult your veterinarian for complete information regarding use of medications and supplements.

Question: I have recently (last week) got a test result with very low 0,6 gliadin IGg and wondered what this means, but I have an appointment at the end of the month so I’m struggling with my thoughts. I’m in the Netherlands so my results are in dutch.

Celiac disease is a condition characterized by a sensitivity to gluten (found in wheat, barley, and rye) that causes inflammation and atrophy of the villi of the small intestine, malabsorption, etc. Strict avoidance of gluten in the diet will control disease activity, and antibodies to serum markers will disappear with time. To confirm a diagnosis of celiac disease, a biopsy of the small intestine is done to detect damage to the intestinal villi. However, given the invasive nature and cost, antibody tests are often used to identify those individuals with high probability of having celiac disease. Negative results for gliadin IgG antibodies indicate a decreased likelihood of celiac disease. A decrease in the concentration of gliadin IgG antibodies may also begin after starting a gluten-free diet, since antibodies should start to lower completely after eliminating gluten in people with celicac disease.

People with celiac disease have a weakened immune system and usually present with leaky gut syndrome. Treatment consists of restoring gut balance which will naturally heal the intestinal barrier/leaky gut and lower inflammation from the leaking particles which are responsible for causing symptoms. The first step is changing your diet to avoid gluten, refined flours, processed foods, sugar and diary. These are high inflammatory foods. You can benefit from taking a high quality probiotic. Adding digestive enzymes whill also help break and assimilate more nutrients and decrease digestive symptoms. A high quality probiotic with added digestive enzymes like Restore will rebalance your gut flora, reduce inflammation, and boost your gut immunity. CanXida Rebuild is a supplement that can help heal leaky gut and boost immunity with important vitamins like B vitamins and magnesium and gut barrier nutrients like zinc, glutamin, and slippery elm.

Disclaimer: It’s crucial to consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your health regimen or when experiencing symptoms.