Your Questions Answered: Berberine Research, Berberine Concentrate & Clove And Hyphae

Question: What research or studies support the benefits of berberine concentrate?

There is an absolute abundance of studies available demonstrating the benefits of berberine for a variety of conditions, below we have linked to several studies relevant to the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal actions of berberine.

Effects of Berberine on the Gastrointestinal Microbiota:

A Comparative Study of the Inhibitory Action of Berberine Derivatives on the Recombinant Protein FtsZ of E. coli:

Antibacterial activity and mechanism of berberine against Streptococcus agalactiae:

Berberine extracts and decoctions have demonstrated significant antimicrobial activity against a variety of organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi and more:

Question: Why does CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) use berberine concentrate instead of the whole herb or other forms of berberine?

By using a concentrated and standardized version of Berberine in CanXida Remove, we are providing you with the most potent part of the herb in order to maximise results.

The theme of the CanXida Remove formula is to give you the most potent ingredients in the most appropriate dosages and with a time release function, standardized and concentrated extracts allow us to deliver this to you in a simple, 1-2 tablet per day serving rather than requiring you to take 5+ capsules to achieve an effective dose.

Question: How does clove work to prevent the formation of hyphae and contribute to the healing of leaky gut?

The following 3 studies explore the function of eugenol (an active component of clove) and its role in preventing the formation of hyphae:

By preventing new hyphae from forming, clove can dramatically improve your chances of successfully healing leaky gut.

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