Taking CanXida ReCharge As A Standalone Supplement

Author: Dr. Blake Myers ND

Some supplements are designed to powerfully address specific issues, at a specific time. CanXida’s Remove, Restore, and Rebuild trio supplements serve as a good example of this. Together, these three supplements directly and holistically address Candida overgrowth and gut dysbiosis – providing rapid improvement and health restoration. This reason that these comprise the first 3 months of CanXida’s 3-phase Candida Clinical Protocol. They are specific for that exact need.

ReCharge is the newest addition to the CanXida supplement line. This formula is designed for two purposes:

  1. ReCharge plays an essential part of cellular restoration in phase 2 of our candida protocol. After the first 3 months, you shift from taking Rebuild to taking ReCharge. We have strategically placed it in the second phase to support cellular detoxification, optimize energy, and prevent relapse of gut dysfunction.
  2. ReCharge functions as a long term health optimization and maintenance formula. Taken on its own, ReCharge naturally boosts energy and optimizes health.

As a standalone formula, ReCharge can be taken long term to keep energy levels up while specifically supporting those with gut problems to return to health and avoid recurrence of digestive troubles.

The benefits of CanXida ReCharge include:

  • Natural energy support
  • Boosts mitochondrial energy production[R]
  • Promotes oxidative stress/antioxidant balance[R,R,R,R,R]
  • Supports healthy inflammation levels[R,R,R]
  • Supports liver health and detoxification [R,R,R]
  • Provides essential methylation cycle nutrients[R]
  • Strengthens the gut barrier[R]
  • Balances immune system function[R,R,R]
  • Promotes healthy, diverse gut flora[R]

Aptly named ReCharge, this powerhouse supplement powder will recharge your gut health, clean house in your cells, and recharge your cellular engines – optimizing multiple bodily functions and increasing energy – naturally.

This article will explain what ReCharge does for your body, who should take it, and when.

What does CanXida’s ReCharge formula do?

Caxida ReCharge is a broad acting multivitamin/multimineral formula, combined with scientifically chosen cell, immune system and gut supportive natural ingredients. To better understand what ReCharge does, we need to cover in more detail the ingredients and the fundamental body systems and cellular activities ReCharge impacts.

Boosts mitochondrial energy production

Mitochondria are the energy producing structures found in virtually every cell throughout the body. In fact, red blood cells are the only cells in the human body that don’t contain mitochondria. They take glucose and fats and through a number of biochemical processes, mitochondria turn these into the body’s energy source, known as ATP. This process of making ATP in mitochondria uses a number of vitamins and minerals. The same ones you’ll find in ReCharge.[R,R]

Notably, B vitamins are required for the majority of the steps in the Krebs Cycle, a fundamental part of the energy making process. ReCharge contains the B vitamins that are essential for cellular energy production in their most effective forms. In addition, minerals like magnesium, selenium, and manganese support the engines of ATP production. Taken together, these nutrients promote a clean and efficient running engine.

In addition to these mitochondrial cofactors, ReCharge contains healthy doses of mildly stimulating matcha green tea leaf powder, making it a naturally supportive energy supplement, without jitters or crashes.

Promotes Antioxidant and Inflammation Balance

Oxidative stress is a well known contributor to aging and many chronic illnesses. What is less well understood is that not all oxidative stressors are bad. The balance between oxidative stress and antioxidants is what is required for cells and the immune system to function well.

The same is true for inflammation. While too much is bad, inflammation is also the process by which the body heals. It is when inflammation goes on chronically and unchecked that it becomes a problem.

There are specific vitamins and minerals your body uses to maintain antioxidant and inflammation balance. The most important nutrients involved in these processes are selenium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, vitamin C, D, and E (tocopherols/tocotrienols).[R,R]

ReCharge provides these along with three powerful inflammation and oxidant modulating plant sources- milk thistle extract, pomegranate extract, and matcha green tea leaf powder. Together, these plants provide crucial support for the liver, brain, digestive system, and the entire body at the cellular level.[R,R,R]

Stimulates Liver Detoxification

The liver is the detoxification organ of the body. It takes toxins and transforms them into less toxic substances, and packages them up in a way that they can leave the body. Toxins leave largely in the stool and urine.

Many of the vitamins and minerals in ReCharge contribute to healthy liver detoxification – but the magic of ReCharge for liver support really comes through in a few specific ingredients – milk thistle, choline, and taurine.

Milk thistle is a liver protective herbal medicine that supports overall liver health.[R] Taurine speeds up liver detoxification functions and choline on the other hand, is used by the liver to ultimately prepare toxins to effectively leave the body.[R,R]

By promoting detoxification at this level, you provide a steady outflow from your body that over time, allows your cells to release more toxins and clean out, making them function more optimally.

Supports a healthy gut barrier and normal flora

While there is a great deal of gut support in ReCharge, there are two special ingredients to highlight here – L-glutamine and Larch heartwood extract.

L-glutamine is a preferred energy source by intestinal cells. Providing them with plenty of this is the same as feeding yourself well – everything works better. L-glutamine promotes a healthy gut barrier and the maintenance of tightly closed spaces between gut cells. When these spaces aren’t tight, it is often referred to as leaky gut.[R]

Larch (Larix laricina) contains a non-digestible carbohydrate (NDC) called arabinogalactan. NDC’s are not digestible by us, but they are a wonderful food source for healthy gut bacteria.[R] By promoting diversity and robust numbers of normal gut flora with ReCharge, you support the maintenance of healthy gut function, regular bowel habits, and a vibrant gut immune system. This is a crucial area of focus, particularly for anyone who has had digestive issues.

Who is ReCharge good for?

Whether you are in good health and want a natural energy boost with additional health optimizing benefits, or you need to support recovery from digestive troubles, ReCharge is a solid option.

If you are experiencing digestive issues, it is always recommended to work with a knowledgeable practitioner. In this case, ReCharge serves as an important part of the team of supplements CanXida provides to holistically restore digestive health.

As a standalone daily supplement, ReCharge will provide a boost in energy while supporting your most important body systems for long term wellness – gut, immune, mitochondria, and detoxification.

When should I take ReCharge?

Recharge is ok to take any time of day. It is typically best to take with food for optimal absorption, but it will still be effective if taken on an empty stomach. It is best if taken on a daily basis for continued support.

For recovery from digestive dysfunction, it can be beneficial at the start of a protocol, but in CanXida’s protocol, we incorporate in phase 2, after 3 months for specific effects in the healing process.

While you may be including CanXida’s newest product, ReCharge, into a broader digestive health protocol, the ReCharge formula is as much a long term wellness strategy as anything else.

Taken on its own, ReCharge provides a natural energy boost at the cellular level. It promotes a balanced inflammation and oxidative stress response, stimulates liver detoxification, and supports healthy gut flora and gut barrier function.

Give CanXida’s ReCharge a try today and experience the effects of an expertly formulated, energy boosting wellness supplement, designed with gut health in mind.