Your Questions Answered: Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar With CanXida, Berberine Not Working For Candida & Treating Nickel Allergy

Question: I am taking CanXida Remove, Rebuild, and Restore on a daily basis, I mix a tablespoon of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar in the glass of water that I take the CanXida tables with. Will the Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar interfere with the CanXida?

Rebuild and Remove are best taken with meals. Antifungal ingredients like caprylic acid and oregano leaf extract are best taken with a meal since their powerful compounds can upset your stomach. Make sure your meal has a healthy fat such as olive oil or avocado, as it helps absorb fat-soluble vitamins that are present in Rebuild. Restore has probiotics and it comes with enzymes too. For these enzymes to work to the best of their abilities, they need to be taken on an empty stomach. You don’t want them to be used to digest the food in your stomach, you want them to work on the biofilms and yeast cell walls in your gut. It is recommended to take them separately (at least 2 hours apart from an antifungal) since natural antifungals have anti-bacterial properties and can kill the probiotics in the capsule.

You can take Remove and Rebuild with your first meal for them to be best absorbed, and then take Restore right before going to bed for the enzymes to work. The acidic vinegar might weaken the effect of some of the vitamins in Rebuild if they are taken at the same time. I would suggest that you wait five or ten minutes between taking vinegar (diluted, I hope) and your multivitamin. I would not recommend taking apple cider vinegar with the probiotic because the acid in the vinegar may reduce the viability of the probiotic bacteria. Ideally you want to take these three supplements apart. For example you can take Rebuild with your first meal. Remove with your second meal and wait at least 2-3 hours to take Restore (between or after meals) for optimal absorption and effects of the supplements.

Question: I’ve undergone stool testing on my chiropractor’s recommendation, revealing inflammation of the mucosal lining, candida, and several deficiencies. I took Berberine, oregano oil, and other gut healing supplements for two months, and while I initially felt improvement, I’ve since reverted to old symptoms like fatigue and brain fog. I’ve paused those treatments and am currently focusing on addressing my deficiencies. There’s a plan to possibly repeat the “kill phase” with herbs like Berberine, but I’m concerned about candida resurgence in their absence. I’m considering your Canxida Remove alongside my current supplements but am unsure about the best approach. Despite my dietary efforts, I’m not seeing the progress I hoped for. Could you provide guidance on managing my candida and overall health? I appreciate your insights.

Treating dysbisosis requires a comprehensive treatment protocol which can take several months and up to years to resolve. Diet is the first step to focus on reducing symptoms caused by the yeast overgrowth by reducing the main food source that they feed on. Certain carbs are going to cause symptoms including starches, grains, beans, sugar, dairy, and some fruit. Diet alone is not going to get rid of Candida. This is because Candida can form biofilms which helps them evade our immune system making them more challenging to target. To really get rid of Candida overgrowth you need high doses of antimicrobials like oregano oil, caprylic acid and grapefruit seed extract which are highly effective against Candida.

Question: I’m at a standstill now. Have been my own advocate only to be getting worse,noone knows what’s going on. Now all of sudden allergic to nickel MCI/MI. Having breakouts on face food intolerances, sjogrens,itch when eating foods on face. stuck on same foods,potatoes,carrots,squash chicken,rice, all started 3 yrs ago,seems like gut issues, but yet bloodwork always comes back normal,have got in a bad habit of eating icecream. trying to gain weight ,stay on med for constipation, still trouble have been for 4 yrs since gallbladder removed, lips burn touching a fork to them have tried to go yo these low nickel foods ,cause noone else seems to know how to help, face breaks out and burns if touch tweezers or certain foods, been underweight so long, have listened to drs and here I am now all intolerances and allergic to nickel,so thinking it’s gone systemic, dont know how much longer I will live, im tired of trying to figure out what to do now,seems like everything triggers burning and breaking out in mouth and face.

When it comes to preventing and treating allergies and intolerances like nickel, gut health is essential. Food intolerances can sometimes be linked to Candida overgrowth. This is due to intestinal permeability often known as Leaky Gut Syndrome, which is frequently caused by Candida. An imbalance in the intestinal flora leads to a Candida overgrowth which attaches to the intestinal walls and is able to form tiny gaps in the gut wall which allows for food particles and Candida toxins to escape. These particles are then attacked by the immune system causing a lot of inflammation and sensitivity to foods. To eliminate or reduce food sensitivities and other digestive issues like constipation, bloating, belching and gas, the best strategy is to treat the underlying cause and start healing the gut. Following a low sugar Candida diet is a great start, but you should also consider some supplements that can help to repair the gut and restore its integrity. Besides removing offending foods (namely refined carbs and sugars) you need to help eradicate the yeast overgrowth with antimicrobial therapy. Increasing your intake of soluble fiber will help remove waste through your intestines more quickly and reduce toxin load. Psyllium husk, beans, and oat bran are all good examples. Finally it is important to add a high quality probiotic. Probiotics perform very important tasks during a Candida cleanse. They help to rebalance the microflora in your gut, regulate acidity in your intestines, and boost your immune system.

Disclaimer: It’s crucial to consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your health regimen or when experiencing symptoms.