Milk Derived Probiotic vs Vegetarian/Vegan Derived Probiotics: Pros and Cons Specially for Candida

We often receive inquiries from our valued customers questioning why our CanXida Restore (Formula RST) is not classified as vegan or vegetarian. To address these concerns, we’re providing a brief explanation and making our stance clear.

CanXida Restore (Formula RST) may contain minute traces of milk, which prevents us from labeling it as vegan or vegetarian compliant as it may not meet the rigorous standards set for these certifications.

Based on our extensive clinical experiences and interactions with customers, we’ve found that probiotics developed from dairy tend to show enhanced resilience in the digestive system.

When it comes to combatting Candida overgrowth, effectiveness takes precedence. That’s where our product comes into play, specifically designed with milk-derived probiotics:

  1. Diverse and Balanced Strains: Probiotics derived from milk usually incorporate a diverse array of beneficial bacterial strains that might be absent in vegan or vegetarian products. These different strains can offer varied health benefits, and a wide assortment ensures a more comprehensive spectrum of advantages. Strains such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, naturally occurring in dairy products, may perform more efficiently when sourced from these mediums.
  2. Probiotic Potency and Durability: Probiotic strains stemming from milk display superior stability and potency, thus surviving the extreme environment of the stomach to effectively reach the intestines and perform their intended function.
  3. Targeted Health Benefits: Some milk-derived probiotics are particularly adept at addressing certain health issues, including candida. For instance, various strains of Lactobacilli, commonly present in milk-based probiotics, are recognized for their ability to inhibit candida growth.
  4. Tolerance and Potential for Allergenicity: Even though some individuals may be dairy-intolerant, many others can comfortably consume dairy-based probiotics, particularly if they are lactose-free. While plant-derived probiotics are suitable for those with specific dietary requirements, they may also pose an allergenic risk based on their source.

Our company’s core mission is to deliver efficacious products, which contribute towards managing candida. While we acknowledge and respect the choice of a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, our probiotic formulation is grounded in the best available scientific evidence regarding candida management. We prioritize the creation of a product catering to our customers’ health needs over following marketing trends.

Although vegan and vegetarian products have their own merits, probiotics don’t follow a one-size-fits-all principle. Every individual has unique health requirements and dietary preferences best addressed by a diverse range of product choices. Our product fulfills the needs of those seeking an effective candida management strategy and who are open to using milk-derived probiotics.

For further information, we recommend watching the video below or by clicking here.

However, we always advise customers with dietary restrictions, allergies, or specific health conditions to consult their healthcare provider before commencing any new supplement regimen.

It should be noted that CanXida Restore (Formula RST) capsule is vegetarian source.

Please note that CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) and CanXida Rebuild (Formula RBD) are vegan and vegetarian.