Is It Safe To Consume Organic Peanuts When Dealing With Candida?

A reader has asked if organic, unsweetened, plain peanuts are okay to eat if they are sure they don’t have any allergies to peanuts. In our book, Candida Crusher, we explain that the recommended diet has three stages. Generally, during the second stage, or the hypoallergenic phase, we advise individuals to exclude potentially allergenic foods. This is a strategic approach. We begin with the MEVY diet, consisting of meat, eggs, vegetables, and yogurt, typically spanning two to three weeks. The exact duration is at your discretion.

Subsequently, we transition into the low-allergy phase, usually lasting another two or three weeks. This method aims to alleviate the burden on your immune system. Even if you aren’t allergic to certain foods, giving your immune system a break can be beneficial. Remarkably, many individuals with pronounced Candida issues might also grapple with potential allergies. These allergic reactions can range from severe to mild. Consuming items like peanuts or cow’s milk, no matter how organic or pure, still presents a risk of allergic reactions.

Diet Stages Duration Key Components
MEVY Diet 2-3 weeks Meat, Eggs, Vegetables, Yogurt
Low-Allergy Phase 2-3 weeks Exclude Allergenic Foods
Reintroduction Individual’s discretion Gradually reintroduce foods

We advise omitting these “organic” items from your diet temporarily. This brief respite can empower your immune system, particularly the humoral immune system responsible for producing antibodies, essential in combating Candida. Adopting this strategy has proven effective, especially with those who have struggled with Candida for an extended period. In response to the query, we suggest excluding organic peanuts for two or three weeks. This is a temporary measure, and you can consider reintroducing them later.

Disclaimer: Always consult with your healthcare professional before making any dietary changes or health decisions.