Frequently Asked Questions About CanXida ReCharge

This page was created to address some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about CanXida ReCharge. If you have further queries or need more detailed information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re continuously updating this section with new information based on your questions.

How do I properly mix up CanXida ReCharge?

There are 2 main ways you can mix your CanXida ReCharge to achieve a smooth, well mixed consistency plus a great taste.

The first, is to use a shaker or bottle and follow these steps:

  • Add your liquid first, you can use cold water, milk or a milk alternative such as rice, almond or oat. We recommend 8oz/240ml to begin with and you can adjust this amount over time to achieve your desired taste and texture.
  • Add your CanXida ReCharge powder
  • Close the lid firmly and shake vigorously
  • Place the bottle on a flat surface, let it sit for 5 to 10 seconds and then gently remove the lid
  • Drink and enjoy!

The second method is to use a blender and follow these steps:

  • Add your liquid first, just like above, it can be water or a milk alternative and we recommend starting with 8oz/240ml to begin with and adjusting to suit your personal taste.
  • Add your CanXida ReCharge Powder
  • Optional Step: Add some low density (low in carbs) fruit such as blueberries, blackberries or raspberries for taste and extra nutrition. Additionally, add two teaspoons of cocoa powder and it’s a perfect morning chocolate shake
  • Blend well for at least 20 seconds
  • Drink and enjoy!

Do I need a blender to mix CanXida ReCharge?

You do not need a blender to mix CanXida ReCharge, a shaker bottle or regular bottle (ideally with a big mouth to make it easy to scoop the powder into) will work just fine.

We always recommend adding liquid first and powder second, this helps reduce the chances of lumps or clumps of powder sticking to the bottom of your bottle.

If you’re on the run and don’t have many options, you can also use a regular bottle and create a funnel out of a piece of paper or other utensil and carefully funnel the powder into the bottle, shake vigorously and you will still be able to achieve a great taste and texture.

And finally, if you do have a blender, feel free to experiment with some delicious additions for extra taste and nutrition such as low density fruits like blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, or a small serving of raw nuts.

How many times per day can I drink CanXida ReCharge?

Most customers take 1 to 2 servings per day, however, you could take up to 3 if you really want to.

We do not recommend more than 3 due to the generous doses of micronutrients such as B-Vitamins and minerals that are present in the formula.

What’s the best time of day to take CanXida ReCharge?

An ideal time is first thing in the morning, or, if you are fasting, as your first meal to break your fast, whether that’s late morning, midday or early afternoon.

This is because of the generous doses of B-Vitamins in the formula which can provide a natural energy boost but also, for some people, may have a perceived stimulating effect (though they are not stimulants) which may impact your ability to sleep if taken too late in the day.

That being said, the best time of day can sometimes be whenever you can fit it in! So if that’s on the run between meetings, after a workout or as an afternoon pick me up, then go for it.

Can I consume caffeine at the same time as CanXida ReCharge?

Though CanXida ReCharge does contain a small amount of natural caffeine from the Matcha Green Tea in the formula, we do not recommend consuming additional caffeine at the same time as this can negatively impact your ability to properly absorb the B-Vitamins and minerals in the formula.

We recommend leaving at least a full 30 minutes between consuming caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks, sports supplements or any other form you consume) and CanXida ReCharge.

For most people, this means consuming your CanXida ReCharge first thing in the morning and then waiting at least 30 minutes for that first cup of coffee.

Or, if you’re the kind of person who prefers to get their caffeine fix as soon as possible after waking up, simply wait at least 30 minutes after consuming your morning coffee before consuming your serving of CanXida ReCharge, this could be during your commute or once you’ve sat down at your desk to begin your day.

Is it possible to overdose on CanXida ReCharge?

While CanXida ReCharge does contain generous doses of vitamins and minerals, it would be very difficult to get to the point where you would be putting yourself at risk.

However, if you’re taking additional supplements that contain certain ingredients also found in CanXida ReCharge such as the minerals Zinc, Selenium, Chromium and Molybdenum we recommend you approach this with caution to avoid doubling up on these ingredients.

Products likely to include these ingredients are multivitamins, multiminerals, and “all in one” powders.

Please carefully read the label on all your other supplements to ensure you’re not taking excessive doses of any of these minerals.

Are there any possible side effects from CanXida ReCharge?

If you are allergic to peas of any kind, please ask your doctor first before taking CanXida ReCharge as the pea protein isolate may trigger your allergy.

The generous doses of B-Vitamins in CanXida ReCharge may result in feeling more energetic, which, for some people, may feel like a “stimulant” effect, if you feel uncomfortably energetic after taking CanXida ReCharge, we recommend you take just a ½ serving for the next 2 days before working back up to the full serving once more.

Are there any possible drug interactions with CanXida ReCharge?

Yes. CanXida ReCharge contains a small amount of Milk Thistle (150mg), so please check with your doctor first before taking CanXida ReCharge if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have or have ever had hormonal cancers (breast cancer, uterine cancer or prostate cancer) or;
  • You have a suspected or known allergy to ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, chamomile, yarrow or daisies.

Can I combine my other supplements with CanXida ReCharge to make one big smoothie?

It depends. And the answer depends on the supplement.

However, we do not recommend blending protein powders with CanXida ReCharge as it already contains a generous serving of protein, if you combine the two, you may end up feeling very full, or in some cases, experience stomach discomfort or bloating.

We also do not recommend blending any caffeine containing supplements such as energy powders, pre workout powders or related products with your CanXida ReCharge as caffeine will interfere with the absorption of the B-vitamins in the CanXida ReCharge formula.

Do I have to take CanXida ReCharge with water? Or can I use milk or a milk alternative?

CanXida ReCharge mixes well and tastes great with just water, especially when it’s cold.

However, you absolutely can use milk if you’re not sensitive or intolerant to lactose, or, alternatively, milk substitutes such as rice milk, almond milk and oat milk all work well as a base to blend your CanXida ReCharge with.

And, all of these liquids work well in both a shaker/bottle or a blender.

Does CanXida ReCharge count as a meal?

CanXida ReCharge contains a generous serving of protein and therefore works well as a light meal or snack on its own.

If you have a blender, you can also add some additional calories to your serving of CanXida ReCharge such as some raw nuts and/or some low density (low carb) fruits such as blueberries or blackberries.

Mixing your CanXida ReCharge in milk or a milk alternative (such as rice milk, almond milk or oat milk) will also add additional calories and make your serving of CanXida ReCharge even more filling.

If I have digestion issues with brown rice, rice or peas, will I have any issues when taking them in the CanXida ReCharge powder?

Most likely no, this is because the protein in CanXida ReCharge is isolated from the rest of the plant, leaving behind the hulls, fiber and other components of these grains which are the usual culprits for digestive issues.

However, if you have a diagnosed allergy to either rice or peas, we recommend speaking with your doctor first before taking CanXida ReCharge.

Does CanXida ReCharge contain caffeine?

CanXida ReCharge does contain a very, very small trace of caffeine as a result of having Matcha Green tea in the formula.

The amount is estimated to be 10-15mg, this is about 1/10th the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee and is so low that most people will not feel a thing.

However, if you’re especially sensitive to caffeine, we recommend you take your CanXida ReCharge no later than midday/12pm each day just to be sure.

This amount of caffeine is also so low that it will not negatively impact the absorption of the B-Vitamins in the formula, something which may occur if you were to consume coffee, tea or other caffeine sources within 30 minutes of taking CanXida ReCharge.

What is Taurine? I’ve seen it in energy drinks, is it safe to take in a powder like CanXida ReCharge?

Taurine is a natural amino acid found in many of the foods you eat.

Taurine is a “non-essential” amino acid, a class of amino acids that you make yourself inside your body VS “essential” amino acids that you can obtain through your diet only.

Taurine helps with heart health, brain health and healthy functioning of the nervous system, which is why it’s often associated with energy.

Taurine is very safe to consume and the amount in the CanXida ReCharge formula is sensible and easy for your body to digest and absorb. And it’s a great for liver detoxification.

Why are the DV% numbers for the vitamins so high in CanXida ReCharge?

DV or “Daily Value” numbers are recommended minimum levels of certain vitamins and minerals to help prevent deficiencies.

The DV numbers are not optimal amounts, but rather, minimums to meet in order to achieve and maintain good health.

So, when it comes to most nutrients, it’s a good idea to consume more than 100% of the DV each day.

And, when it comes to B-Vitamins, they are very easily expelled from the body via urine if necessary so it’s not a problem to routinely exceed their DV’s.

I already take a magnesium supplement, will I be taking too much if I take CanXida ReCharge?

CanXida ReCharge contains 50mg of magnesium and this represents 12% of the DV (Daily Value) for magnesium.

Most people can safely take upwards of 500mg+ of magnesium per day before experiencing any potential side effects (usually in the form of bloating or diarrhea).

So take a close look at the label of your existing magnesium supplement to determine the dosage you are currently taking, if this amount + the 50mg in CanXida ReCharge adds up to a total of 500mg or less, you will be fine to combine them, if the total is more, we advise approaching with caution.

I already take a zinc supplement, will I be taking too much if I take CanXida ReCharge?

The amount of zinc in CanXida ReCharge is 15mg which represents 136% of the DV (Daily Value) for zinc.

For most people, it’s wise to keep to 30mg or less of supplemental zinc per day and only take more if you’ve been instructed to do so or are treating a specific condition.

Zinc is a heavy mineral and not easily expelled from the body if it begins to accumulate and this is why we recommend being conscious of the amount you take each day.

I already take a B12 supplement, will I be taking too much if I take CanXida ReCharge?

No you won’t, B12, like all B vitamins, is a water soluble vitamin that is easily expelled from the body via urine if levels become too high.

However, taking too much B12 in a small duration of time can lead to side effects such as headaches, anxiety and irritability so if you are taking another supplement containing B12, we recommend taking it at a separate time of day to your CanXida ReCharge.

CanXida Rebuild already contains vitamins and minerals, can I also take it with CanXida ReCharge or would that be too much?

Please review our 3-Part Candida Clinical Protocol to learn more. For first phase of diet and treatment we recommend starting with Remove, Restore and Rebuild and then you can introduce ReCharge in Phase 2.

For more information please watch the following video.

How does CanXida ReCharge work in conjunction with the other CanXida Products (Remove, Restore and Rebuild)?

CanXida ReCharge is an integral component of our three-phase candida treatment protocol. We highly recommend reviewing our detailed treatment protocol to address any questions you may have. Additionally, we have created an extensive video that offers an in-depth exploration of the entire treatment protocol. This video explains how our products can be utilized effectively and incorporates guidance on integrating CanXida ReCharge into the regimen. Although the video is primarily designed for practitioners, it is beneficial for everyone, especially regarding our three-phase treatment protocol and the synergistic use of diet and supplements. We encourage you to watch the video for comprehensive insights.

If I’m on a calorie controlled diet, can I include CanXida ReCharge in my routine without going over my daily calorie target?

At less than 100 calories per serving, CanXida ReCharge can easily fit into a low calorie diet.

In fact, it can complement a low calorie diet very well when used as a snack or low calorie light meal and factored into your total routine alongside the other foods you eat.

By mixing your CanXida ReCharge with water only, you’ll also be ensuring no additional calories will be added to your serving. This is not the case when milk or milk substitutes are added so please keep this in mind.

Will taking a serving of CanXida ReCharge break my fast if I’m fasting?

Yes it will.

Consuming any calories will break a fast and CanXida ReCharge contains close to 100 calories as a result of the protein contained in the formula.

A good way to include CanXida ReCharge into your fasting routine is to use it to break your fast and then eat a solid meal 30 minutes later.

Or, if you have a blender, you could combine your serving of CanXida ReCharge with milk (or a milk substitute like rice, almond or oat milk) a few berries and a few raw nuts to create a light, yet filling meal to keep you satisfied for a few hours before your first solid meal of the day.

Is CanXida ReCharge vegetarian and vegan friendly?

Yes it is.

Not only are the protein sources in CanXida ReCharge vegetarian and vegan friendly but in addition to this, the Vitamin D in the formula is sourced from lichen, a vegetarian and vegan friendly source as opposed to the animal sourced Vitamin D found in most dietary supplements.

Is CanXida ReCharge suitable for a low carb diet? What about Keto and Paleo?

Yes it is.

With less than 2g of carbohydrates per serving, CanXida ReCharge is suitable for low carb diets and even keto diets as it won’t bring you out of ketosis.

Regarding the Paleo diet, the protein sources in CanXida ReCharge are Pea and Rice, therefore orthodox paleo followers may not want to include CanXida ReCharge in their routine as these protein sources are from grains.

That being said, Paleo dieters who avoid grains in their diet can still safely consume pea and rice protein in powdered form as the hulls of these grains have been removed, and it is typically this part of the grain that most Paleo dieters are aiming to avoid.

What is the advisable water temperature for the preparation?

Warm or cold both will work fine. It won’t impact digestion.

Can it be taken on an empty stomach?

Yes, as the protein will help stimulate digestion. However, optimal absorption is more likely when taken with a small meal.

Can it be taken by children? From what age?

Always consult with your child’s paediatrician, as many nutrient and isolated protein dose considerations vary by not just age, but body weight. A standard serving will generally be ok for anyone 16 years or older and in good health.

Does it need to be taken when the gut is healed or can it help Candida?

Your gut does not need to be healed to take Recharge. Healing of gut cells is actually one of the main reasons to take Recharge.

ReCharge isn’t meant to directly treat Candida in the way Remove does. This formula supports the healing of the gut lining, improves detoxification, and promotes healthy gut flora, which combats Candida overgrowth.

For more information read Can I Take CanXida ReCharge on it’s own?

I have a very sensitive stomach is it okay to take ReCharge? If yes how do you recommend I go about it?

It depends on what you mean by gut sensitivity. If you struggle with low stomach acid and slow digestion, you may want to do half a serving twice a day. Starting slow as a trial is always a good idea. In general, ReCharge should not aggravate a sensitive stomach due to the vitamins and minerals being present with protein.

I want to ask if you think that Canxida ReCharge would be suitable (not too stimulating) for me? I have adrenal fatigue syndrome.

ReCharge should not be too stimulating with adrenal fatigue. It is actually likely to help. The ReCharge formula supports the energy production in all cells and does not directly stimulate the adrenal glands.

I’m not clear if its for killing off the Candida along with support for the body?

ReCharge indirectly aids in combating Candida overgrowth by supporting healthy gut function and flora, which help regulate Candida growth. It plays a vital role in the recovery process from Candida. Meanwhile, Remove is our specifically designed formula for directly targeting and eliminating Candida.

It was recommended to not take ReCharge same time as Rebuild. Can you give me some more info on why that is? And what if I am only taking one or two a day ( once in the morning once at night and ReCharge at lunch) does that make a difference or better to not mix at all?

For a short time (a few months) this may be fine to really replete any nutrients that have been chronically low. In general, we recommend to use ReCharge as a gut healing and maintenance formula after Rebuild, or taking 1 Rebuild and a serving of ReCharge a day. For more information refer to our 3 Phase Candida Treatment Protocol.

How does CanXida ReCharge smell like?

It has a vanilla-like scent. However, if you’re concerned about whether making a shake will result in a lingering smell or residue in your shaker or glass, based on our experience, there shouldn’t be any odor or residue left behind as long as you don’t leave it sitting for days. Should any contents dry out after being left for an extended period, you may need to wash the container, but even then, it typically doesn’t emit any unpleasant smell..

Is it easy to clean does it leave residue?


What ingredients do you use in CanXida Recharge to make it taste sweet? Is there any sugar or artificial sweeteners?

CanXida Recharge does not contain added sugar and it also does not contain artificial sweeteners.

Instead, it contains 2 all-natural sweeteners:

  1. Rebaudioside-A (A component of the Stevia Herb) and;
  2. Luo Han Guo (Also known as Monk Fruit)

Rebaudioside-A is the best, sweetest and least bitter component of the stevia herb and is superior to just “steviol glycosides” and other, cheaper forms of stevia you may find in other products, and this is why it was carefully picked for the CanXida Recharge formula.

Monk Fruit was added as it’s a great natural sweetener in its own right, but it works even better when combined with Rebaudioside-A, creating a pleasant sweetness while reducing the chances of any bitter after taste which may occur if using either of these ingredients in isolation.

By using these 2 natural sweeteners in the CanXida Recharge formula, you’re being provided with the healthiest and most effective sweetening combination while avoiding unwanted sugar and artificial sweeteners.

I have concerns about brown rice in ReCharge?

ReCharge is formulated with high-quality protein sources, including organic brown rice and peas, making it an ideal choice for both vegans and vegetarians. Brown rice offers numerous health benefits. Could you please specify your concerns regarding brown rice in the product? This will help us address your query more effectively.

Why there’s no Vitamin A in CanXida ReCharge?

While our current formula does not include Vitamin A, based on our testing, it has performed well and meets the designed health benefits. However, we understand the importance of continually improving our products to better serve our customers. Rest assured, we will look into the potential inclusion of Vitamin A and investigate how it might enhance the product’s nutritional profile.

What to do if you experience negative symptoms, like bloating or an upset stomach while taking Recharge?

ReCharge has a few ingredients that, depending on the health of your digestive tract, may cause discomfort if taken in too high a dose too quickly. It doesn’t mean ReCharge is not beneficial for you, but that it is possibly too much change too quickly.

Larix laricina heartwood extract is a potent prebiotic. In the presence of dysbiosis and/or low dietary fiber intake, rapidly increasing fermentable food sources for gut bacteria can create gas and bloating.

In this case, decrease the dose by half. If there is still some discomfort, decrease to 1/4 of a scoop once a day. Stay at this dose for a week and slowly increase the dose weekly until you reach a full serving. This allows time for your microbiome and gut cells to calibrate to the change.

There is also a fair amount of protein in CanXida formula ReCharge. If you have low stomach acid (hypochlorhydria) or low pancreatic enzyme production, too much protein at once will cause symptoms of indigestion, sense of sluggish digestion, and the bacteria will convert the proteins into bacterial products of protein breakdown. Decreasing the dose as described above may help. However, it is important to address these underlying causes if present. Taking CanXida Recharge along with CanXida formula Restore can be helpful due to the digestive enzymes in this formula. It is also important to work with a functionally trained practitioner to support restoration of stomach acid and pancreatic enzyme production.

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