Your Questions Answered: Timing, Bioavailability, Impacting Body, Detoxification & Balance Gut Microbiota

Question: How does the timing of taking CanXida Remove (Formula RMV), Restore, and Rebuild affect their effectiveness? Is there a specific schedule customers should follow?

All 3 products were designed to be used as a team and can safely be taken all at once, however, we recommend you start with CanXida Remove first to begin fighting back against any bad bacteria, yeasts, parasites or viruses trying to take hold.

After taking 1 tablet of CanXida Remove per day with lunch for 1 week and if all is feeling well, we encourage you to introduce another tablet so you’re taking 1 at breakfast and 1 at lunch, and, at this stage you can also begin introducing CanXida Restore, taking 1 capsule at lunch with your second CanXida Remove tablet.

In terms of timing throughout the day, the best time to take your dosage of CanXida Remove, Restore and Rebuild is with meals, this also makes it easier to remember, ideally you’ll want to split your servings up primarily between your first two meals e.g. breakfast and lunch to give them plenty of time to breakdown and digest as these are time released formulas.

Question: What is the bioavailability of the ingredients in CanXida Remove (Formula RMV)? How do you ensure the ingredients are effectively absorbed?

The bioavailability of the ingredients in CanXida Remove is high, because not only are we giving you high quality extracts, but in some cases, we’re also giving you standardized extracts, giving you an even better chance of properly absorbing the ingredients.

Everyone’s digestive system is different and there’s no way to fully ensure or guarantee you’ll absorb everything, but in addition to standardized extracts, we also provide you with 3 ingredients that specialize in boosting your digestion, therefore improving your chances of absorbing everything in the formula, these 3 ingredients are:

  • Caprylic acid
  • Undecylenic acid and;
  • Betaine HCL

Question: How does CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) manage to work systemically, impacting not just the digestive system but also other systems in the body?

CanXida Remove works systemically both directly and indirectly to benefit your entire body, and this is how:

Directly: By removing yeast, bad bacteria, parasites and viruses from your digestive system, and, preventing them piercing your intestinal walls and escaping into the blood stream, CanXida Remove can help prevent infections spreading to other areas of the body, therefore providing protection for your entire body, not just your digestive system.

Indirectly: By removing yeast, bad bacteria, parasites and viruses from your gut, and allowing good bacteria to flourish and become the dominant force, you will be able to build a more favourable environment for your immune system to function effectively (remember the majority of your immune cells are present in the gut) and provide protefction for your entire body, not just your gut.

Question: Can you explain more about how CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) helps with detoxification processes in the body?

Your body is constantly detoxing and the digestive system plays a big part of this.

Ideally, a healthy body will be able to remove toxins in a variety of ways including via sweat, urine and the regular excretion of faeces.

However, in a compromised digestive system where the intestinal walls may not be in top shape, it’s possible for some of the toxins that would normally be excreted through faeces to re-enter your blood stream and cause problems.

This is where CanXida Remove can help with putting your natural detoxing processes back on track.

By fighting back against yeasts, bad bacteria, parasites and viruses that aim to attack your intestinal walls, CanXida Restore may help you re-establish a strong detoxification process once more by encouraging these toxins to leave the body through the regular expulsion of faeces.

Question: How does CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) work to maintain the balance of gut microbiota over time? Does it promote the growth of beneficial bacteria?

CanXida Remove works to maintain a balanced gut microbiota over time by focusing on 2 core areas:

  1. Removing bad bacteria, yeasts, parasites and viruses and preventing them from replicating and becoming the dominant force in your gut microbiome.
  2. Allowing your beneficial bacteria aka. The “good guys” to multiply and flourish and become the dominant force in you gut microbiome.

This is because unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the natural but highly effective ingredients in CanXida Remove are able to focus on eliminating bad bacteria, yeasts, parasites and viruses while leaving good bacteria unharmed, something that antibiotics and “azole” drugs simply cannot do.

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