Your Questions Answered: Symptoms Persist After Cleanse, Candida Shopping Guide & Antifungals Cancel Probiotics

Question: If symptoms persist or worsen after completing the cleanse, what should one do next?

Based on our experience, it’s important to set realistic expectations when embarking on a Candida cleanse or any treatment regimen. The expectations should be grounded in understanding the severity of your Candida issue, the duration you’ve had it, your commitment to dietary and lifestyle changes, and your adherence to the cleanse.

It’s not uncommon for people to feel unwell or not see immediate improvements post-cleanse. This could be part of the healing process. In fact, it’s been our observation that many individuals don’t feel better right away. This might be because the body is still in the process of healing and adjusting.

Furthermore, we’ve noticed that a cycle exists where individuals jump from one naturopath to another, seeking faster results. This can sometimes be counterproductive. Every practitioner brings their own approach, and consistently changing them can lead to a lack of continuity in treatment, potentially exacerbating the situation.

For those who started the cleanse based on personal research without consulting a naturopath initially, giving the process more time is essential. If, after giving it sufficient time, symptoms persist or worsen, it would be beneficial to consult with a naturopath. For those already working with one, open communication is key. Discussing your concerns and challenges can lead to adjustments in your treatment plan.

Remember, patience and consistency are critical. Changing practitioners frequently may not yield the desired results and could potentially make things more challenging.

Question: Where can I get the candida crusher shopping guide and other freebies?

You can download our Candida Yeast Overgrowth Recovery Kit, which also contains our shopping guide by clicking here.

Question: Why do some people believe that antifungals cancel out probiotics?

There’s a common misconception that antifungals and probiotics counteract each other. This belief stems from the idea that since antifungals work to kill fungi, they might also destroy beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in the gut. After all, many broad-spectrum antibiotics can kill both harmful and beneficial bacteria, leading to a disrupted gut microbiome.

However, antifungals specifically target fungi, not bacteria. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help in restoring and maintaining a healthy gut flora. While there might be some concerns about antifungals negatively impacting the probiotics, in practice, this isn’t often the case.

Based on our experience at CanXida, we have not observed antifungals canceling out the benefits of probiotics. This is why we recommend taking CanXida Restore after CanXida Remove. We understand that there are various theories and approaches out there, but at CanXida, our aim is to recommend what has been observed to work, even if it doesn’t align with popular opinion. The ultimate goal is to promote effective solutions.

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