Your Questions Answered: Switching To A Carnivore Diet For Digestion Improvements, MSM/Sulfar Safe To Take & CanXida For MTHFR Variants

Question: I have noticed that some people have eased their digestive problems by switching to to a “”red meat only diet””. Will this help Candida?

Making the switch to a clean, healthy diet is the best move for figthing Candida. But you may be better off gradually transitioning to a diet that includes less sugar and fewer carbs each day, rather than suddenly going grain-free or carnivore. If you’re taking a high-dose probiotic or antifungal, a high amount of toxins are being released into your body, this coupled with an extreme diet can yield unpleasant die-off symtoms. The biggest problem with the carnivore diet is nutrient deficiency . Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that boosts immune cell function and is important for fighting Candida. It also lacks beneficial phytonutrients which help reduce inflammation, enhance immunity, and support the liver making them a powerful ally for detoxification.

The carnivore diet lacks fiber which is essential for getting rid of Candida yeast cells and toxins. Fiber from plant foods bind to these toxins in the intestines and help things move smoothly which aids digestion and detoxification. Most people don’t get enough fiber as it is, 30 g/d is ideal for gut health or taking a supplement like psyllium 10g/d can also help. The carnivore diet can tax the liver and kidneys since protein digestion creates nitrogenous waste that has to be metabolized by the liver and excreted via urine. The liver is essential for helping metabolize Candida toxins like ethanol and acetaldehyde. Candida in combination with carnivore can overburden your detox organs creating unpleasant die-off symptoms. A low carb paleo diet is a better alternative than going straight carnivore, but most people see great results by folloing a candida diet which is low sugar and anti-inflammatory and will help starve the yeast and reduce inflammation. Additionally supplements like antifungals and probiotics are essential for fighting Candida and are best taken together.

Question: Is MSM/ Sulfur safe to take forever? A Naturopath recommended I take it for hair growth. Have been taking for the past six months, and while my skin is great, I notice I have Candida/ regular yeast infections the past 3/4 months or so. Could be coincidence.

Organic sulfur has many key benefits including oxygenation, detoxification, and skin, hair and nail growth. Its oxygenation properties can supply us with increased energy, stamina, better circulation, and protection harmful toxins. It can also cut off the oxygen supply of candida and can help with yeast infections. MSM helps to reduce the harmful effect of toxins by providing sulfur required for the production of antioxidants including amino acids methionine, cysteine and taurine as well as glutathione, regarded as the strongest antioxidant and most important for detoxification.

MSM may also support our immune system by reducing levels of inflammatory compounds. MSM can help reduce the overgrowth of Candida albicans by helping maintain the right PH in our body that prevent Candida to thrive. Candida cannot live in the body when pH is naturally acidic, so the Candida dies out. Sulfur is essential in maintaining the body’s acid/alkaline (pH) balance. Probitics are essential to restore the natural environment of the gut. Sulfur rich foods like cruciferous and fermented veggies and bone broth can also be consumed for added sulfur. Additonally you can add gut immunity support with CanXida Rebuild formulated with gut barrier compounds to help boost immunity which includes glutamic acid, slippery elm, ginger root, bereberine, zinc and B vitamins.

Question: I have MTHFR variants, so I avoid folic acid and fish oils, etc. Are there components of your products I should avoid? I suspect I have had Candida issues for quite a while…it is pretty awful, and I am SOOOO anticipating getting well and not dealing with all these weird symptoms. Hx: toxic mold exposure as a child and adult/EBV resurfacing, etc etc…Hoping I get the root cause and proper treatment for full resolution.

A specialized “MTHFR diet” and supplement regimen has been promoted for people who have MTHFR gene variations. However, research has not been able to confirm that a specific diet is beneficial for people with these genetic profiles. Modifying your diet and lifestyle will still help improve your health, and resolve symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, or digestive issues, especially when dealing wwith Candida. Regardless of your genetic profile, the right diet can improve methylation, detoxification, immune system health, brain function, and gut health. Key principles of a healthy diet include reducing inflammation, balancing blood sugar, and eliminating foods you may have sensitivities to. The Candida diet eliminates processed foods, refined sugar, and carbohydrate rich foods, which are known to contribute to inflammation, gut health imbalances, and other health problems.The Candida diet also eliminates commonly inflammatory foods like grains (including gluten), dairy products, and high sugar fruits. Focus on fresh vegetables, low sugar fruits, nuts and seeds, grass-fed meats and fresh fish, eggs and healthy fats, including olive oil and avocados. The only CanXida products that cointains folate is Rebuild, so it might be better for you to start only on Remove and Restore.

Disclaimer: It’s crucial to consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your health regimen or when experiencing symptoms.