Your Questions Answered: Strong Digestive Enyzmes During Meals, CanXida With Binders & Canxida Interaction With Armour Thyroid Hormone Replacement

Question: One thing is, I am currently already on strong digestive enzymes during main meals which help. I was wondering if also taking canxida restore would mean too many digestive enzymes and would that risk side effects ? And is it advised to be taken outside of meals or during ?

Taking CanXida Restore along with other digestive enzymes would not cause too many digestive enzymes in your body. Our body has a unique way of regulating the secretion of enzymes. Also, the contents of CanXida Restore include the healthy strains of bacteria that can improve gut flora as well as natural enzymes, which are normally produced in our body. These enzymes are not to be confused with hormones like insulin or glucagon that can interfere with the bodily functions when produced in higher amounts. The digestive enzymes have the ability to regulate bowel functions and support the breakdown and absorption of nutrients from foods in a regulated and optimum manner. So, there are no known risks involved in having too many digestive enzymes. In case, you experience any unpleasant effects, you may stop using CanXida Restore or lower its dose. You can also replace your existing digestive enzymes with CanXida Restore as the latter is formulated to provide a wide range of benefits.

CanXida Restore would improve your gut flora, support the body’s defense mechanisms, and promote detoxification. So, as long as CanXida Restore is helping to relieve your symptoms, you can keep using it. The best way to use CanXida Restore is 1 capsule each in the morning and before bedtime, preferably on an empty stomach. You are the best judge of what works well for you. You can choose either or both forms of digestive enzymes (the enzymes you are using now or CanXida Restore) to get the best results.

Question: History: I’ve been dealing with a chronic prostate infection for going on 14 years. I have a raging inflammation problem, with a high PSA and high Calprotectin.
Thankfully, with lab testing I’ve figured out that I have mold, bacterial and fungal overgrowth and leaky gut. Do you recommend taking a Binder when taking the Canxida Remove / Restore protocol?It seems that binders are very important, so I’m a bit surprised that this hasn’t been considered essential to the success of the program. My question pertains to alcohol-based herbal medicine (tinctures). Should herbal tinctures also be avoided? Or you were only commenting on things like beer, wine & cocktails? As I’m dealing with some liver issues I take herbal bitters for liver support.

Binders can be included in your treatment to help you get better results in a shorter period. However, binders may not help to manage your prostate problem directly. Since you have mentioned that you also have a chronic prostate infection with a raging inflammation, a high PSA levels, and high Calprotectin, I would advise you to first consult your doctor about the need for prostate biopsy, in case it is not done already. This is important to rule out other causes of prostate inflammation and a high PSA level. Including binders in your treatment plan will help you detox more efficiently. You can safely take the binder while using Canxida Remove and Restore. However, I would advise you to consider taking the binders at night. Our body is doing most of the repairing and restoring functions while we are sleeping, which means your body would be releasing toxins at a higher rate at the night.

So, it would be best to take your binders about 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime. Also, makes sure you leave a gap of at least 2 hours between your binders and the doses of Canxida Remove and Restore to ensure the beneficial compounds in your supplements are well absorbed into the body. This will help you avoid losing any nutrients and their associated benefits. As far as the alcohol-based herbal medicine (tincture) is connected, the alcohol content of most herbal supplements is very low. You definitely need to avoid beer, wine, and cocktails. But herbal remedies provide far superior benefits that clearly outweigh the risks linked to the minimal alcohol content in them. So, if you are using any herbal remedies for liver support, you can continue using them without worrying about their alcohol intake.

Question: I do not have a thyroid. Since Canxida supplements are time released do they interact with Armour thyroid hormone replacement? I’m mostly concerned with grapefruit seed blocking my Armour thyroid replacement.

Canxida supplements are generally safe and have been tested for their impact on bodily functions including those related to hormones and enzymes. So, you need not worry about your Canxida supplements affecting your treatment for thyroid conditions. Your concerns about the grapefruit seed extract are justified. Some studies have revealed that grapefruit consumption might interfere with the absorption of thyroid medications. However, these studies have affirmed that grapefruit does not directly interfere with the activities of the thyroid gland or thyroid hormones. It only reduces the absorption of the medication used for thyroid hormone replacement. It also does not interact with the thyroid hormone replacement therapy. Moreover, the risk involved in grapefruit intake is associated with the excessive intake of the fruit or extract.

Considering the wide range of nutrients Canxida supplements provide, these risks are clearly outweighed by the benefits of using them. So, I would advise you to continue using your Canxida supplements together with Armour thyroid hormone replacement therapy and monitor your thyroid hormone levels so that you can adjust the dose of thyroid hormone replacement therapy accordingly. This will help you derive the benefits of both these treatments and manage your condition in a more efficient manner.

Disclaimer: This article intends to provide general insights and may not apply to individual cases. It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure that any vitamin supplementation, especially Vitamin D, is safe and beneficial based on your specific health circumstances and requirements. This approach ensures that any supplementation undertaken is not only safe but also beneficial in bolstering your health.