Your Questions Answered: Heavy Metal Testing, Radiation & Storage

Question: Has the CanXida product been tested for heavy metals, especially considering it contains herbs or ingredients that might be sourced from areas known for soil contamination?

Yes, CanXida products undergo rigorous testing, including for heavy metals. We ensure that all our ingredients, including herbs, meet stringent quality standards. Safety and efficacy are paramount, so we take necessary precautions, especially if ingredients are sourced from areas with potential soil contamination. Customers can always request more detailed testing information if they have specific concerns.

Question: Has the CanXida product or any of its ingredients been subjected to irradiation, especially if they are imported ingredients?


Question: What specific storage conditions are recommended for CanXida products to maintain their efficacy, especially for those living in extreme climates?

For CanXida products, it’s generally advisable to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, consider storing them in a location that remains relatively stable in temperature, like a pantry or cupboard. Extreme heat or cold might affect the potency or shelf life of the product. Additionally, always ensure the lid or cap is tightly sealed to prevent moisture or contaminants from entering the bottle.

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