Your Questions Answered: Resistance Training For Candida, Supplements For Morgellons & Yeast Rash Under My Chest

Question: What is your opinion on weight/resistance training during recovery?

Whilst exercise and moving your body is great for both physical and mental wellbeing, there are certain situations where strenous exercise can be more harmful than beneficial. Exercise is additional stress on the body that can potentially be harmful when you are battling an infection, which is already a huge stress on the body alone. Furthermore, stress increases cortisol levels which can lead to increased water retention, hormone imbalances, muscle wasting, poor sleep and poor digestion – already common experiences in Candida recovery without being exacerbated from added stressors. In order to heal and recover fully, stress should be kept to a minimum. That means plenty of rest, sleep and self care. It takes an extraordinary amount of energy from your immune system to fight an infection. When your body isn’t receiving an adequate amount of energy (either from burning too much or not consuming enough or both), it has to make metabolic adaptations in order to maintain homeostasis and, essentially, keep you alive.

That means the body will slow down metabolism, reduce digestive function, decrease hormone production and energy levels, to conserve every last bit of energy. You’ll see much greater progress if you take more rest days, and give it enough fuel. A small amount of physical activity, such as short walks, combined with some light weight training and stretching can be excellent for both the body and mind during recovery. Exercise strengthens the mind-body connection by teaching people how to listen to their bodies, which stimulates the person to develop a new connection with their body. Being able to experience and be present with muscles and your body allows you to feel strong and powerful, which promotes empowerement. Use it as motivation to keep going and get your body to a healthy place as quickly as possible.

Question: I have many of the symptoms of what is called Morgellons…but am reluctant to label it as such because of the ‘instant ridicule’ from the established medical profession…I recently read that this condition is caused by Candida Auris. I have had(for the past 15 years) ‘Shingles like’ scabs (with fungal type roots) all over my upper body and scalp(very itchy and swollen…don’t heal up even if I don’t scratch).The filaments (symptom of Morgellons) I have not noticed(but whatever it is it clings to my body hairs)…must be very small because can only be felt on hairs(not seen)…makes me believe in nanotechnology(apparently this is easily seen with electron microscope only). What I want to ask is…Is there a Candidia(auris) treatment for this that you can recommend?

C. auris is an emerging subtype of the fungus Candida which can cause serious infections in certain individuals. The most common form of Candida is Candida albicans which is commmonly found in the gut, mouth, and skin. It can cause infections, but they’re usually treatable. Meanwhile C. auris is able to survive on human skin and surfaces for weeks and is resistant to common antifungal medications, which makes infections more difficult to treat. C. auris can cause a variety of infections. The most mild infections are overgrowths of the fungus in the mouth, genital and skin areas. If you have a compromised immune system due to a chronic disease, chemotherapy, certain drugs or had recent surgeries, Candida can become life-threatening, in which case you should seek medical attention from a health professional. You might require systemic antifungal medications. The medications are often given in an intravenous (IV) form and treatment requires close monitoring and care in the hospital. Additionally natural antimicrobial agents can be useful for treatment of yeast especially Candida species. The CanXida Remove was uniquely formulated with some of the most powerful natural antifungals which include grapefruit seed extract, oregano, bereberine, black walnut and caprylic acid.

Eventually if symptoms are resolving I strongly recommend taking a probiotic to help restore healthy populations of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. The CanXida restore has 6 strains of beneficial bacteria that will help Candida from coming back. Biofilm disruptors are made primarily of enzymes and sometimes natural compounds like caprylic acid. I would try the probiotic with enzymes first, the enzymes in the CanXida Restore were formulated for their biolfilm disruptor properties. You can also add NAC, garlic and curcumin to your daily routine which are natural biofilm disruptors to help deal with more resistant strains of Candida like C auris.

Question: Woke up with angry inflamed itchy yeast rash under boobs, in naval, all folds and at top of legs. The only thing I know to do is get canesten cream. Help!

Candida is a type of yeast that can be found naturally in your vagina, gut, mouth, and even on your skin. It’s especially active where there are warm, dark, and moist skin folds, such as under your breasts. A skin yeast infection occurs when too much Candida is present, causing an imbalance of healthy bacteria. An intertrigo rash brought on by a breast yeast infection will appear red or reddish-brown and possibly raw looking. You may also notice cracked or crusty skin around the afflicted area or patches of small round bumps that ooze and emit a foul odor. There are some simple steps you can take to prevent future breast yeast infections. These include drying your skin completely after a bath or shower, avoid wearing tight clothing including bras and underwear. Instead, opt for looser-fitting clothes made from breathable fabrics like cotton that won’t trap moisture next to your skin.

Creams or ointments with zinc oxide and/or petrolatum can help reduce friction between your affected skin by creating a barrier. To ease the symptoms, tea tree oil or coconut oil have natural antifungal properties that help manage local Candida infections and decrease inflammation. A high quality probiotic is essential to restore diversity and bring back balance to your gut.

Disclaimer: This article intends to provide general insights and may not apply to individual cases. It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure that any vitamin supplementation.