Your Questions Answered: Inositol, Epsom Salt & Pyroluria

Question: I take a supplement that contains inositol. Does inositol affect candida?

Candida albicans, like many yeasts, uses myoinositol as its primary food source. Candida overgrowth can impact the bioavailability of inositol so people with Candidiasis have low inositol or B8 which can explain mood symptoms like anxiety. Giving a person inositol might initially help with symptoms but will ultimately lead to more yeast overgrowth in the gut making the situation worse. My recommendation would be to avoid taking the supplement (if possible) while you are trying to clear out the Candida. CanXida Remove has natural antimicrobials including oil of oregano, caprylic acid, berberine, black walnut, and garlic oil which are potent antifungals that will help eliminate Candida.

Additionally it is important to remove some foods from the diet that can feed the Candida like sugars and artificial sweeteners, alcohol and fermented foods, dairy and gluten/grains. If you are having digestive issues and malabsorption, it may be necessary to restore proper digestion by supplementing with digestive enzymes.Digestive enzymes helps break down the food correctly in the gut thereby starving Candida. When you digestion improves it encourages populations of healthy bacteria to grow. The probiotics and enzymes in CanXida Restore can help displace the Candida overgrowth. Talk to your physician to look for alternatives to inositol to manage your symptoms.

Question: Is Epsom salt bath good, and can I replace it with sauna, since I sweat good with it? Thanks.

Epsom salt baths have many benefits mostly due to the magnesium which can help promote sleep, reduce stress, and can reduce muscle soreness. Sweating will most likely occur from the water temperature rather than the epsom salt by itself but it is a great practice to combine epsom salt baths and some form of exercise to help with soreness and recovery.

Exercise is the best form of sweat since it brings additional benefits to the body, heat can accelerate that process but moving your body in the form of exercise can also help with digestion and increased GI motility which in turn also helps get rid of toxins. Make sure you stay hydrated if you are sweating a lot. Epsom salt is completely safe to use so if it helps you relax and soothe it is a great practice to have.

Question: I Was wondering if you had videos or an opinion on pyroluria. An Aussie GP I saw did blood tests and told me I had this. Very high copper. Very low zinc, B6. Worsened by diet and lifestyle but he mentioned that with each pregnancy if this is not addressed, copper will continue to get very high. I’d really like to learn more about this.

Pyroluria is a condition that causes the body to overproduce something known as kryptopyrroles, which are metabolites from hemoglobin. Pyroluria has a genetic component but it is also induced by oxidative stress in the body. Symptoms like anxiety, and mood swings can be common.

Since pyroluria is a stress-related condition it is important to support the body to help decrease these stressors. Adequate nutrition is very important since kryptopyrroles bind to zinc and B6 and deplete them from the body through urine. Pyroluria has been linked to intestinal permeability which allows kryptopyrroles to recirculate in the blood, so it is important to address gut health as well. Therapy for managing this condition includes supplementation with vitamin B6, zinc, and GLA.

You can take them alone or in the form of a multivitamin like CanXida Rebuild which has your daily recommended allowance for zinc and B6 and has additional minerals like manganese and additional herbs to support your digestive system. To address the possible intestinal permeability it is important provide digestive support through probiotics and digestive enzymes. The CanXida Restore includes 6 probiotic strains to help re-establish the proper microbial balance and 7 digestive enzymes that help heal leaky gut syndrome. You can help repair your intestinal barrier with additional products like L-glutamine and omegas. The CanXida Rebuild contains B vitamins and slippery elm which also help with your intestinal barrier. Make sure to address your sleep, stress, diet and and exercise as well to give your body the best support possible.

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