What Are The Top Herbs To Use For Vaginal Douching?

A question our company, CanXida, frequently addresses comes from women globally who seek advice regarding vaginal yeast infections. Chapter 5 of our book, “Candida Crusher,” delves deeply into vaginal yeast infections. Additionally, several articles on this topic can be found on yeastinfection.org. We offer various solutions to address this concern. This blog post will discuss the most effective herbs for vaginal cleansing, a natural alternative to creams and pharmaceutical treatments. Our team has been aiding women with this issue for over two decades, and this article is packed with valuable advice for those who wish to find a lasting solution. Let’s dive in.

One of the most recommended herbs is pau d’arco, which originates from the inner bark of a notable tree in South America. When purchasing pau d’arco, ensure it contains between two to four percent lapachol content. Always request a standardized extract from suppliers. This herb can be brewed into a tea, and its extract can be used for vaginal applications.

Herb Use Case Note
Pau d’arco Vaginal cleansing Ensure high lapachol content
Calendula Healing, soothing, and antifungal Can be combined with Echinacea
Echinacea Antifungal, can be combined with calendula Creates a soothing infusion
Tea tree oil Vaginal douche when combined with isopropyl alcohol Ensure proper dilution
Garlic Direct application as a tampon Caution: Some may experience irritation

Another commendable herb is calendula, known for its antifungal properties and its ability to heal and soothe the skin. Calendula is particularly beneficial post-childbirth or after procedures. It can be combined with Echinacea, another potent herb, to create a soothing infusion.

Tea tree oil is also an effective solution. One method involves blending it with isopropyl alcohol before diluting in water to create a douche. This mix is a powerful remedy against infections.

Other herbs that have been found effective include garlic, which can be fashioned into a tampon for direct application. However, caution is advised as some women may experience irritation.

Disclaimer: While the remedies shared in this article are based on extensive research, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before trying any treatments.