Your Questions Answered: How Many CanXida Remove Should I Take, Using Candida Crusher For Candida Diet & Glycogenolysis Link To Fecal Body Odor

Question: I’m taking 4 per day and it’s still not working. I’ve gone through 3 bottles at this point as well as the probiotics. I know it will take some time, especially as I’ve had this for awhile, but what would you suggest? Should I go up to 6 for a few weeks and the up to 8? The good thing is that it’s thrush in my case so I can see exactly when it’s working and not. I’m having zero sugar and very low carbs as per the recommended diet. Please let me know your thoughts.

Oral thrush can be caused by Candida albicans and it occurs when an overgrowth of Candida develops in the mouth which can cause white patches, discoloration, redness/soreness, and dry and cracked skin in the mouth and lips. A dip in immunity due to a cold, a course of antibiotics or using corticosteroids for conditions like asthma can make someone more vulnerable to getting oral thrush. In addition to a low-sugar anti-inflammatory diet plan, you can make an antifungal mouthwash from essential oils that will both kill the Candida yeast and freshen your breath.

Cutting out sugary foods can help to prevent Candida outbreaks, both in your mouth and elsewhere. Probiotics in CanXida Restore can help to rebalance the bacteria in your gut, and support your immune system in your mouth too. Digestive and systemic enzymes and antifungals like caprylic acid in Remove help get rid of biofilms that can also establish in the mouth creating more persistent candidiasis. You can also start incorporating immune-supportive plants like echinacea, elderberry, licorice, and medicinal mushrooms (reishi, shiitake, lion’s mane, turkey tail). It also important to take enough immune-boosting nutrients especially vitamins A, C, D-3 and zinc in sufficient amounts.

A multivitamin like CanXida rebuild is key to support healthy mucosal cells and boost your immune system. For the antifungal mouthwash try adding 2-3 drops of peppermint or spearmint essential oil to water and use it as a mouthwash to kill the Candida in your mouth and freshen your breath. You can also use tea tree oil and neem oil. Swish the mixture in your mouth and always spit it out. Use them several times a day. Oil pulling is also another option for oral thrush. Try using coconut oil or olive oil which are two oils with strong antifungal properties.

Do it after brushing your teeth on an empty stomach for at least 5-10 minutes and never swallow it. If you have oral thrush, most likely you have intestinal candidiasis as well. The most effective treatment includes a combination of low-sugar diet, probiotics, and antifungals. In addition make sure to maintain good oral health by: brushing your teeth at least twice a day including the tongue and inner cheeks, floss between your teeth daily, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and replace it every three to four months, visit a dentist regularly for check-ups and professional cleanings, quit smoking and avoid drinking alcohol and avoid clenching or grinding your teeth.

Question: I started eating a very strict anti-candida diet on February 6, 2023. I removed ALL sugars from my diet, which was all the healthy ones like honey, palm sugar, dates, etc. In the last few years I have worked very hard to eradicate candida using pharmaceutical products like diflucan and nystatin. That did not eliminate the candida But I was never on a strict diet. I haven’t been able to get it under control. I am 66 years old and I have had infertility issues, many surgeries, rectal cancer, and many rounds of antibiotics. My candida isn’t severe but since my cancer 16 years ago I have had constant digestive issues. I have worked with naturopaths, dietitians, and done a ton of research myself to figure out how to improve my gut. I purchased and read Dr Candida Crusher book and decided to inrporate his protocol and supplements.

Two weeks ago I started taking the CanXida Remove and CanXida Restore. The first week was pretty intense, I had a lot of digestive upset and that was taking only 1 CanXida Remove at lunch and 1 CanXida Restore at bedtime. So, the second week I cut the CanXida Remove tablet in half and kept the Restore the same. I still have had almost daily aggravations, meaning bloating, diarrhea, and bloating. I’m wondering if this is a common problem you have seen and what advice you can give me. I am pretty sensitive to anything new in my gut so I am not surprised I have had issues, I’m just not sure how I will ever work up to 3 tablets daily if I can’t even tolerate a half tablet once day. I want to work with the natural method, just not sure how to move forward. I was so hopeful that this was going to improve my health but I am quite discouraged at the moment. I have done HARD things in the past (Chemo, radiation, surgery, Chemo again) plenty of hospital stays with all of that, and I am committed to a marathon regime if I need to to heal my body, but how do I know this protocol is going to work for me if I can’t even tolerate a tiny amount of the product? I would appreciate any advice you could give me to move forward. Thank you for your time and knowledge.

When large numbers of yeast like Candida are rapidly killed, a die-off (Herxheimer reaction) occurs and metabolic by-products are released into the body. This often occurs when introducing antifungal or probiotic supplements into your regimen. When these cells die, they release many toxic compounds like ethanol, uric acid and acetaldehyde. Your endocrine, immune, and nervous system can all be affected and it can also cause severe allergic reactions and inflammation. This happens because our detoxification system (liver, kidney, bowels, lymph) is overloaded and can’t clear them fast enough. In this case it is important to slow down your treatment and reduce your dosage of probiotics and antifungals. It’s perfectly fine if you only tolerate that amount, you can start dosing safely with half a tablet of CanXida Remove every other day and wait at least two-four weeks to increase the dose and/or introduce probiotics.

Second you can help by adding a liver-supportive supplement like milk thistle, turmeric or dandelion or consuming bitter greens in teas, tinctures or salads.. I recommend taking breaks between introducing any new dietary changes, probiotics, or antifungals. This is the safest, easiest method to beat your Candida. Allowing enough time between each phase of the plan allows your liver to adjust and prevents too many Candida toxins from being released at the same time. When following a Candida protocol is also essential to keep hydrated to help kidneys clear out toxins. Your bowels will also have a hard time getting rid of excess Candida toxins so I recommend including a fiber supplement like psyllium 10g/d for 4 weeks or simply focus on fiber rich foods in your diet like raspberries, avocado, flax seeds and some easy to digest legumes like lentils, split peas and mung beans. This will help heal leaky gut and also binds to toxins in the intestines to clear them out. Make sure to get adequate rest and sleep since this can impact your immune system.

Question: I understand why I have fecal body odor. Please respond specifically to the following questions: 1. I have fecal body odor and I notice it is worse when my bladder is full or filling up with urine (I also notice distention), and after I urinate the smell is also very bad. Do you know what could cause this? 2. I was told the cause could be glycogenolysis, do you know how this affects body odor?

It is normal for certain people to have stronger smell and body odour than others. Some is due to genetic predisposition that results in excess accumulation of malodor metabolites in the body. However these metabolites are also associated with gut function, liver and kidney function, diet and bacteria in the gut. Diet can contain direct metabolites that produce odor, more specifically fecal odor. The composition of bacteria in the gut also determine the production of specific odor metabolites like methane, and sulfides which have that characteristic fecal smell. Gut function is also related since slow digestion, and intestinal permeability or “leaky gut” can allow for metabolites to stay in the body for longer. The liver is responsible for metabolizing many particles reducing their odor. Finally kidney function is crucial for elimination of many metabolites.There is no one treatment to completely eliminate bad body odor. Keeping good hygiene is important like teeth brushing, using antibacterial soaps, deadorants. The following measures will help treat imbalance of bad odor metabolites. Reduce foods that are responsible for odor production like alliums, cruciferous vegetables, red meats, fish and eggs ,alcohol and certain spices like cumin and chilli.

A diet high in fiber creates more frequent bowel movements which shorten the time of bacteria metabolism. Take a high quality probiotic and digestive enzymes to rebalance the bacteria in the gut that break down metabolites into less harmful compounds and create a healthier environment. Digestive enzymes help break down and absorb nutrients more efficiently in the gut which prevents excess bacterial fermentation. The CanXida Restore formula has 6 probiotic strains and 7 digestive enzymes that will support normal balance of gut bacteria and healthy digestion. Increase your water intake in order to increase kidney excretion. Additionally support you liver with a good multivitamin like CanXida Rebuild formulated with gut barrier compounds to help heal leaky gut.

Disclaimer: This information aims to be a helpful reference point but it is imperative to consult with a healthcare professional before making any dietary changes or adopting new practices to ensure they are safe and suitable for your unique health circumstances.