Your Questions Answered: HCL Combined With Pepsin, Canxida Rebuild B12 Allergy & Gaining Weight With Almonds And Olive Oil But Feeling Better

Question: Does HCL need to be combined with pepsin in order to be effective in treating low stomach acid?

New research suggests that low stomach acid may play a role in the development of many gastrointestinal conditions such as Candida overgrowth and SIBO. Low stomach acid can also lead to nutritional deficiencies and may put you at greater risk for food poisoning and other gut infections. Hypochlorhydria, or low stomach acid, is often found in those who are older, have autoimmune disease, or take proton pump inhibitor medication. The good news is that it’s easy to correct your stomach acidity with betaine HCl. Betaine HCl is an acidic version of betaine that works in the same way as hydrochloric acid (HCl) in your stomach. As a dietary supplement, betaine HCl is sometime combined with digestive enzymes such as pepsin or protease to help specifically with protein digestion. Several studies show that this supplement is effective for increasing stomach acid, acts quickly, and has a short-term effect of just over an hour.

Unlike probiotics, which can be taken at any time, the timing of your digestive acid supplement is very important. Because of its fast acting and short term effects, betaine HCl should be taken with your meal. When taken with a meal, Betaine HCl gives your stomach acid levels a boost and helps you more effectively break down food and absorb nutrients.Take 1 to 3 capsules with each meal. It can be taken by itself or with digestive enzymes for added benefits in digestion. If you feel burning or have any other side effects, stop taking the supplement or reduce the diose, oftentimes the burning sensation in your stomach, means you might be damaging your stomach lining. Avoid using betaine HCl if you have peptic ulcers.

Question: I have bought your treatment. For SIBO, using the CanXida supplements. My questions it is for Canxida is it also for Sibo? Also the CanXida Rebuild has B12, Cyanocoblamin which my body do not tolerate very well but i still continue to take them. I am not sure if it will help me or not.

SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, is a condition of bacterial overgrowth that may cause many digestive symptoms like abdominal pain or gas, altered stool frequency (constipation, diarrhea) and consistency(loose stools, compact stools). SIBO can also result in many cases of IBS. SIBO is often diagnosed with a specific breath test. If you have been diagnosed with SIBO there is a more specific protocol than the candida diet called low FODMAP. The low FODMAP diet is low in certain carbohydrates that may cause intestinal distress. This diet is designed to help figure out which foods are problematic. FODMAPs are short-chain carbohydrates that the small intestine absorbs poorly. People with SIBO experience digestive symptoms after eating them like cramping, diarrhea, bloating and flatulence.

High FODMAP foods include: Dairy-based milk, yogurt and ice cream, wheat-based products such as cereal, and bread, beans, some vegetables like artichokes, asparagus, onions and garlic, fruits like apples, cherries, pears. Low FODMAP foods include: eggs, plant-based milks, grains like rice, quinoa and oats, vegetables like eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, fruits such as strawberries and blueberries. Taking a probiotic is also shown to be very beneficial with people with SIBO. CanXida Restore has 6 probiotic strains including Lactobacillus acidohilus which has extensive evidence as beneficial prbiotic that reduces GI symptoms. Additionally it has 7 digestive enzymes that help improve digestion by allowing the breakdown and absorption of nutrients as well as reducing digestive symptoms like bloating and gas. Speak with a health professional or naturopath if you want to follow the low FODMAP elimination diet. If this does not resolve symptoms they might additonally recommend antimicrobial therapy like CanXida Remove alongside probiotics and the low FODMAP diet to restore gut health balance.

Question: I’ve had thrush on my tongue for months. I started no dairy, no sugar, no yeast. Prior to that I wasn’t eating much meat ( as it activates hot flashes). But now I”m eating more fish and chicken. I am curious how I couldn’t have lost an ounce of weight and it does seem like I’m way more fat with olive oil and almond butter. I feel better physically with less pains and aches, but there’s no improvement on Candida yet. I think I’m following your video recommendations do you have any suggestions?

The Candida diet is a low-sugar, anti-inflammatory diet that promotes good gut health and eliminates the sugars that feed a Candida overgrowth. One of the major causes of gut dysbiosis and yeast overgrowth is sugar and processed foods. The Candida diet is designed to improve gut health, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity. Losing weight sometimes happens when you change your diet to something much healthier. There are lots of healthy foods on the Candida diet that can help you lose weight, but you need to avoid being nutritionally depleted to restore your gut to a healthy state. If you have Candida, your gut is likely leaky and inflamed, making it difficult for your body to digest and absorb food. Reducing inflammatory foods such as gluten, alcohol, processed food and sugar is key to reducing inflammation so that your gut can heal. Rememeber this type of diet is meant to be followed short term (6-8 weeks) until you start noticing improvement in symptoms.

During this time focus on good quality proteins like chicken and fish, non-starchy vegetables, low-sugar fruits like berries, and nuts, seeds/ healthy oils all which will help you maintain your weight. Ideally you don’t want to loose to much weight, but losing some weight is a sign that your gut is starting to heal and is less inflammed. You can then add some foods back to figure out which ones you do well with and which ones you have a sensitivity to. This process will help you discover the perfect diet for your unique needs, and set you up for lifelong health. A Candida protocol not only includes diet, but also probiotics and antifungals to help you restore balnce to your gut. CanXida Remove and Restore are an effective antimicrobial therapy to get rid of Candida for good.

Disclaimer: This article intends to provide general insights and may not apply to individual cases. It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure that any vitamin supplementation.