Your Questions Answered: Excrete Ingredients, Restore Selection, Irritation, Recurrence & Hyphae

Question: How does the body metabolize and excrete the ingredients in CanXida Remove (Formula RMV)? Are there any potential impacts on liver or kidney function?

CanXida Remove is carefully designed to give you an effective dosage while reducing the chances of side effects by giving you a timed release dosage of all of the ingredients.

This gives your body a chance to process and metabolize these ingredients safely and without the stress that could occur when taking any individual ingredients in high amounts.

With some plant extracts such as clove, black walnut hull and pau d’arco it is possible to cause stress on your liver and kidneys if you were to take them individually in high doses, separately from the dose in CanXida Remove and this is something we don’t recommend.

Instead, we recommend you take CanXida Remove as instructed, taking just 1 time release tablet per day with lunch for the first week, 2 per day in your second week (1 with breakfast and 1 with lunch) and then carefully moving up from there.

Question: Can you explain more about the process of developing the CanXida Restore formula? How were the specific probiotics and enzymes chosen?

CanXida Restore was developed by the New Zealand based naturopath Mr Eric Bakker using the experience he had gained from over 25 years of clinical naturopathic gastroenterology experience.

He carefully chose each of the 6 probiotic strains and 7 enzymes based on what had worked successfully for thousands of patients over those 25 years, and, he deliberately chose the time released “capsugel” capsule to ensure these ingredients could be delivered in tact where they’re needed the most: Your small intestine.

He also deliberately left out prebiotic fibers when developing the formula, this is because, in supplemental form, these fibers can actually feed yeasts and bad bacteria! As well as the good bacteria they’re meant to feed.

Instead, he recommends you get your prebiotic fiber from the foods you eat instead so it can help your good bacteria multiply without feeding the bad ones.

Question: What measures are taken to ensure that CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) does not cause irritation or damage to the gut lining?

A key measure taken to ensure no irritation or damage occurs to your gut lining when taking CanXida Remove is the use of a time released tablet instead of a regular one.

This allows you to slowly and steadily absorb all the ingredients in CanXida Remove over the course of several hours instead of all at once, so any chance of irritation that may occur from a particular ingredient is dramatically reduced.

In fact, the aim of CanXida Remove is to do the exact opposite: Heal your gut lining, and this can be helped by the digestion boosting ingredients in the formula such as Caprylic Acid, Undecylenic Acid and Betaine HCL.

Thanks to these 3 key ingredients, you’ll be improving your chances of properly digesting the foods you eat and preventing undigested or partially digested food particles making it into your small intestine where they can cause damage to your gut lining.

Question: How does CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) help prevent the recurrence of Candida overgrowth or bacterial imbalance?

Not only does CanXida Remove work to remove candida overgrowth and bacterial imbalance but it helps prevent their recurrence thanks to the actions of some key ingredients.

Clove: Clove not only ruptures and destroys yeast cells thanks to its active ingredient “eugenol” but it also prevents candida albicans from producing “hyphae”, the branching filaments used to penetrate the gut wall and spread to other parts of the body.

Biotin: Biotin has the ability to halt the growth of candida and critically, prevent it from maturing into its hyphal & mycelial form (which are VERY HARD to get rid of) which would allow it to invade your bloodstream and spread elsewhere in the body.

Oregano Oil: One of the most potent anti-fungals available, Oregano Oil is able to inhibit the growth of yeasts completely, preventing them from causing a recurring infection.

Question: What is the mechanism behind CanXida Remove (Formula RMV)’s ability to inhibit the formation of hyphae in Candida species?

The mechanism behind CanXida Remove’s ability to inhibit the formation of hyphae in candida species is the inclusion of potent ingredients that have specifically been demonstrated to inhibit the formation of hyphae.

The 2 main ingredients responsible for this are:

  • Clove and;
  • Biotin

Clove: Thanks to the active ingredient “eugenol” found in clove, it is ableto prevent candida from producing hyphae, therefore preventing it from penetrating your gut wall and spreading to other parts of the body.

Biotin: Biotin has the ability to halt the growth of candida and prevent it from maturing, therefore preventing it from getting to the mature stage where it would begin to develop hyphae

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