Your Questions Answered: CanXida Remove For Teenage Acne, 4 Month Year With Parasites & What Is Causing Histamine Issues

Question: My niece has been struggling with what may be boils on her face for the past 4 years. The dermatologist is not quite sure what is going on with her. She was told she may have Lupus, Cystic Acne, or a severe bacterial infection. The doctor prescribed Accutane for six months and 3 days of Azithromycin. My question is how can she prepare her body for this medication. Will Canxida Remove be helpful while on this medication?

The problem with patients with acne is that they are often prescribed long-term oral antibiotics. However even a single course of antibiotics can negatively impact our gut. When the balance of bacteria and yeast is upset, Candida which is an opportunistic yeast can start to overgrow and manifest in many places including the skin and gut. While the FDA doesn’t yet list yeast infections as a potential side-effect some Accutane users report having developed a yeast infection during their treatment, and evidence suggests that Accutane renders the body more susceptible to this condition. Accutane works by drying out all mucosal regions of the body, this not only includes the skin but also the lining of the digestive tract which protect us from pathogens. When this lining is compromised you become more suceptible to an infection. Your niece can benefit from taking a high quality probiotic.

Probiotics help recolonize the gut, with good bacteria. CanXida Restore has 6 probiotic strains and 7 systemic and digestive enzymes which will help restore your gut health, rebalance your gut flora, reduce inflammation and boost your immunity. Second it is important to repair the gut lining by giving support to gut and immune cells.The CanXida Rebuild formula is a multivitamin with important intestinal barrier support nutrients like Glutamin acid and slippery elm. Certain herbs in the CanXida Remove formula can interact with strong medicaations such as accutane so its best to avoid taking them together and instead focus on probiotics/vitamins which won’t interact with medication. Ideally you want to take a mutivitamin like Rebuild with a meal and probiotics like Restore on an empty stomach. Make sure they are at least two hours apart from any medication for better effectiveness.

Question: I’m positive I have parasites and also my baby who is 4 months old and exclusively breast fed. If I heal myself will I heal my baby? Or will he need additional treatment.

Parasites are incredibly common. If you haven’t already, consider getting a parasite test or a comprehensive stool test to test for parasites, bacteria, and yeast. When you have parasites, you need to follow a comprehenisve protocol to get rid of eggs, larvae and and adult parasites. There are also specific supplements that support your gut health throughout and after an antimicrobial protocol. Most parasite cleanses involve taking herbal supplements, which are natural and have less side effects. Common antiparasitic herbal medicines include bereberine, black walnut, oregano oil and garlic extract. These are proven remedies to kill and prevent attachment of parasites to the intestinal walls. CanXida Remove includes 12 antiparasitic, antibacterial and antifungal herbal medicines that are effective at removing parasites in the gut.

Taking several antiparasitic natural remedies together can be more effective than a single dose, which is why CanXida is formulated with several antimicrobials. Diatomaceous clay can dehydrate the exoskeleton of worms so it has been commonly use as a natural alternative to deparasite humans. Some parasites require conventional anti-parasitic medication from your doctor like Giardia, so it is essential to always work with a naturopath or health care provider when doing a parasite cleanse because medications and supplements that kill parasites are very powerful and taking them for too long can be just as harmful to your gut health as conventional antibiotics. You can also try Wormwood (200 milligrams 3x daily) which is known for its anti-parasitic properties. Eating papaya seeds is also shown to help eliminate parasites. Some other top anti-parasite foods include pumkin seeds, garlic and onion, and apple cide vinegar. Additionaly taking a high qulity probiotic like Restore will help repopulate the gut with microbes that support a good gut environment and crowd out harmful pathogens.

Question: Please may I ask if histamine mainly associated with dysbiosis of the gut, I have a masive masive issue with histamine as I’ve eaten some histamine foods like yogert for example soya etc my histamine levels are right back up making it extremely difficult to consume any foods. My question is please is dysbiosis,,klebsillia yeast mrsa clostridia the cause of my dibilating histamine problem? Or could it not even be from the gut.

When it comes to preventing and treating food intolerances including histamine, gut health is essential. Food intolerances can sometimes be linked to Candida overgrowth. This is due to intestinal permeability often known as Leaky Gut Syndrome, which is frequently caused by Candida. An imbalance in the intestinal flora leads to a Candida overgrowth which attaches to the intestinal walls and is able to form tiny gaps in the gut wall which allows for food particles and Candida toxins to escape. These particles are then attacked by the immune system causing a lot of inflammation and sensitivity to foods. To eliminate or reduce food sensitivities and other digestive issues like constipation, bloating, belching and gas, the best strategy is to treat the underlying cause and start healing the gut. Following a low sugar Candida diet is a great start, but you should also consider some supplements that can help to repair the gut and restore its integrity.

Besides removing offending foods (namely refined carbs and sugars) you need to help eradicate the yeast overgrowth with antimicrobial therapy. CanXida Remove has 12 powerful antifungals to ensure a broad spectrum action. Second, increasing your intake of soluble fiber will help remove waste through your intestines more quickly and reduce toxin load. Psyllium husk, beans, and oat bran are all good examples. Finally it is important to add a high quality probiotic. Probiotics perform very important tasks during a Candida cleanse. They help to rebalance the microflora in your gut, regulate acidity in your intestines, and boost your immune system.

Disclaimer: This article intends to provide general insights and may not apply to individual cases. It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure that any vitamin supplementation.