Your Questions Answered: Candida Symptoms, Third Party Certification, Dosage Amounts

Question: What are some things people tell you when they first find out they might have candida? I am talking about people that don’t know exactly that they have candida.

Here are some of the things:

  • I’m constantly feeling fatigued and drained of energy.
  • I have recurring yeast infections or oral thrush.
  • I experience digestive issues like bloating, constipation, or diarrhea.
  • I often have strong cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates.
  • I’ve been dealing with skin issues like eczema, acne, or other rashes.
  • I have frequent mood swings, feel irritable, or have difficulty concentrating.
  • I seem to get sick often, and my immunity feels low.
  • I have persistent joint pain or stiffness without any apparent cause.
  • I’m looking for something to help balance my gut flora and alleviate these symptoms.
  • I’ve tried antifungal medications, but the symptoms keep coming back.
  • I feel unwell overall, but I can’t pinpoint exactly what’s wrong.

Question: Can you provide more information about the third-party labs mentioned?

Absolutely, so the good news is that all ingredients in CanXida Remove are tested a minimum of TWO times before getting to you.

Each individual ingredient is tested for metals, bacteria and other contaminants before arriving at the manufacturer, and once the product is blended together, the final finished product is then tested again as one unit just to be extra sure.

You are welcome to ask for these certificates at any time.

Question: Why is it not advisable to take a single ingredient in large amounts?

Each ingredient has a job to do, and taking a combination of ingredients results in a better chance of achieving your desired results while reducing the risks associated with taking too much of one ingredient.

With any individual ingredient, the more the dose goes up, the higher the risks of side effects.

And each ingredient has an optimal, effective dose, going higher than this doesn’t provide any additional benefits, it only increases the risk of side effects.

All ingredients have a dosage to pay off ratio, and once you go past the optimal dose, you typically don’t achieve any additional benefits, all you do is increase your risk of side effects, so we’ve provided you with an ideal dose of each ingredient without going too high on any one individual ingredient.

Question: How were the dosage and proportions of the ingredients tested?

The dosages in CanXida Remove were carefully chosen and tested to maximise your results while providing a time release function to reduce the risk of side effects.

Each ingredient was carefully studied and analysed to determine the ideal amount of ingredient to use in our CanXida proprietary blend.

The balanced, yet potent blend of ingredients in CanXida Remove also included standardized extracts, this means we provide you with more of the most potent and effective part of an ingredient and don’t waste space in the formula with broad or generic extracts.

In regards to testing, all ingredients are tested for potency and purity TWICE, once by the supplier of the individual ingredient and again once all ingredients are combined into the final formula, ensuring you receive a safe and potent product every single time.

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