Your Questions Answered: Chemicals Causing Adrenal Function Damage, Weakened Immune Systems & Low IgA Levels

Question: Am I Sensitive To Chemicals And Do I Have Reduced Adrenal Function? What Should I Do?

Many individuals face challenges with multiple chemical sensitivities and poor adrenal function, often leading to adverse reactions to various foods and chemicals. One solution for addressing these sensitivities is exploring the concept of limbic system retraining. The limbic system, a critical component of the brain, significantly impacts various body systems, such as the immune and musculoskeletal systems. Retraining this system can help regulate your body’s responses to external stimuli, potentially alleviating the symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivities. A useful resource for this is Numerous individuals who were once extremely sensitive to chemicals have successfully reintegrated into normal living conditions after undergoing limbic system retraining.

Low adrenal function requires proper assessment. It is vital to conduct tests like salivary cortisol and DHEA to determine the pattern of dysfunction. Understanding the relationship between the adrenals and the brain, as well as the impact of stress and lifestyle on the adrenal glands, is crucial. People with compromised adrenal function can experience symptoms like low energy, disrupted sleep, lack of libido, and weakened immune response. However, it’s essential to know that recovery, even from severe adrenal dysfunction, is attainable, though it may be a prolonged process.

Question: Is A Weakened Immune System Linked To Candida Overgrowth?

A weakened immune system can expose you to various diseases, including bacterial, parasitic, viral, and especially Candida infections. When resistance diminishes, vulnerability to ailments rises significantly. Often, the root cause of a compromised immune system is stress. Unhealthy lifestyles, excessive time on social media, overlooking basic needs such as eating or sleeping, job dissatisfaction, and strained interpersonal relationships can all contribute to stress.

If you find yourself with frequent infections like Candida, it’s imperative to recognize the main stressors in your life and address them. Strengthening your immune system is about more than just medications; it’s about holistically addressing the factors that weaken it. In our book Candida Crusher, we emphasize the importance of identifying and managing these stressors to combat Candida effectively.

Question: Is There A Recommended Course Of Action For Low IgA Levels?

Our immune system produces different antibodies, and among these, IgA is probably the most abundant. It is secreted in large amounts, especially in the area of the small intestine, where it plays a crucial role in protecting against harmful pathogens. An increased level of secretory IgA indicates disturbances in the gut, such as inflammation. High IgA can sometimes correspond to tenderness or discomfort in the digestive system. When IgA levels are low, it’s essential to know how to boost them back to an optimal range.

We have devised a 4 R method to address this:

  • Start by identifying any harmful pathogens or disturbances in the gut. Our product, CanXida Remove, targets a wide range of harmful organisms in the gut, from Candida to dysbiotic flora and parasites. Using a broad-spectrum product like this simplifies the process without the need for multiple supplements.
  • Many individuals with gut issues have an enzyme deficiency. Improving and replacing these enzymes can aid digestion. Our product, CanXida Restore, combines probiotics with enzymes, promoting better digestion, reducing symptoms like bloating, and improving nutrient uptake.
  • Introducing beneficial bacteria is vital. A healthy count of lactobacillus can help boost secretory IgA. When IgA levels are low, beneficial bacteria counts are often low as well. Introducing the right bacteria helps balance this out.
  • After following the first three steps, it’s time to reinforce and repair the gut. Our CanXida Rebuild provides the necessary ingredients for this. It works seamlessly with CanXida Restore. Taking CanXida Rebuild regularly helps in maintaining a balanced and healthy gut.

For a more detailed understanding of this method, refer to our book, Candida Crusher, particularly pages 113 and 114.

Disclaimer: While our method and products have proven effective for many, it’s essential to consult with your healthcare professional to understand what’s best for your specific health needs.