Your Questions Answered: Breathing Difficulty With Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Multiple Issues With Deep Severe Bone Pain & Body Can’t Handle Cleanse

Question: I suspect I have a severe yeast infection as eating fruit causes alarming breathing difficulties. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, past SIBO, and food allergies. Currently on an animal-based diet, I need guidance on safe carbs and supplements. Can I consult with an in-house naturopath about my specific conditions and sensitivities?

Food intolerances happen when a person has difficulty digesting a particular food. It can occur as a result of absence of enzymes needed to digest a food, bacterial dysbiosis, chronic stress or leaky gut. Food intolerances can be difficult to diagnose since they can be realted to other conditions such as IBS, SIBO, leaky gut or Candida. The best way to treat food intolerances is to focus on restoring gut health. People dealing with food intolerances usually have intestinal permeability or leaky gut which allows food particles to enter the bloodstream triggering an immune attack. You can benefit from taking a high quality probiotic. Beneficial bacteria in the gut can prevent leaky gut since they protect the gut wall from pathogens by lowering the pH, they produce nourishing mucus that coats the intestinal lining and they produce anti-inflammatory compounds that calm irritation. Adding digestive enzymes whill also help break and assimilate more nutrients and decrease digestive symptoms. A high quality probiotic with added digestive enzymes like Restore will rebalance your gut flora, reduce inflammation, and boost your gut immunity. You should consider trying to introduce some foods and supplements that can help to repair the gut and restore the integrity of your intestinal walls. Good food options include bone broth which contains collagen, cabbage juice which contain glutamin that help repair the gut lining and aloe vera which improves tight junction in the gut cells.

Question: My tongue is white, I get sever spasms in my ankle, fingers ,toes. In my legs and ankle sever pain like deep in my bone. Numbness and tingling like I’m being cut with a razor on my left leg. Low energy, brain fog. Lost a lot of weight. From 228 to 140. I feel worst when I eat the wrong foods. Like surfers. Carbohydrates. Etc:

Blastocystis is an enteric parasite that inhabits the gastrointestinal tract of humans and many animals. It is often the most common parasite reported in human fecal samples. Some strains develop resistance against currently recommended drugs, such as metronidazole, therefore, the use of natural herbs and foods has many positive aspects to address this problem. Research shows that garlic, ginger, and other medicinal plants and spices contain the most effective organic compounds for parasite eradication.

Question: I am taking caprylic acid, an anti-parasite called microb-clear, and candifense,I am taking the lowest amount but am having diarrhea that hasn’t let up for over a week. I was ill a year ago with some type of intestinal problem, which was never diagnosed after many tests. I really want to continue this cleanse but perhaps my body won’t allow it. Thank you for whatever help you can provide.

The best treatment option to help improve your gut health requires a combined protocol which includes a low-sugar anti-inflammatory diet, probiotics and antimicrobial therapy. Caprylic acid is a great antifungal, however when looking to get rid of potential yeast overgrowth or any pathogens, they can usally adapt to a single antifungal over time, so taking multiple together is a better option. The best natural and proven antimicrobials include caprylic acid, garlic, grapefruit seed extract and oil of oregano.

Disclaimer: It’s crucial to consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your health regimen or when experiencing symptoms.