Your Questions Answered: Balance Gut Flora, Gut Environment Differences, Breakdown Biofilms, Strains & Enzymes Digestion

Question: How does CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) promote the balance of gut flora? What mechanisms are involved? Can you provide more information about the pH-balancing effect of CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) in the gut?

CanXida Remove promotes a balanced gut flora by aggressively working against strains of bad bacteria while leaving your good bacteria untouched.

This helps to begin moving the balance back in your favor, as the good bacteria will be free to continue multiplying while the bad bacteria will be decreasing in numbers as the potent anti-bacterial ingredients in CanXida Remove inhibit their ability to multiply.

When it comes to Ph levels in the gut, the presence of candida and the compounds it produces (such as ammonia) can raise the Ph of your gut, creating a weaker, more alkaline environment that allows for candida and other yeasts to flourish and take hold.

The Betaine HCL in CanXida Remove can help lower the Ph of your gut, and, along with the 2 other acids in the formula: Undeclyenic Acid and Caprylic Acid, help keep it there, creating an environment unfavorable for yeasts, bad bacteria, parasites and viruses and preventing them from multiplying.

Question: How does CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) ensure the effectiveness of its formula even if the gut environment varies widely among individuals?

The CanXida Remove formula ensures its effectiveness throughout the greatly varying gut environments of individuals by working to positively alter your gut environment to one that allows for good bacteria to flourish and that makes it extremely difficult for yeasts, bad bacteria, parasites and viruses to remain.

It achieves this through the following steps:

First, it helps you create an optimal Ph level in your stomach and your intestines, allowing you to properly break down your foods and absorb the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients inside them as well as prevent poorly digested or undigested particles of food passing through to your intestines where they could become a food source for bad bacteria, or yeasts.

And once an environment has been created that’s unfavourable for these invaders but favourable for the good bacteria in your gut, the rest of the ingredients focus on using their anti-bacterial, anti yeast, anti-parasitic and anti-viral effects to eliminate any “bad guys” still trying to hold on.

Question: Can you provide more details about how CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) aids in breaking down biofilms created by harmful organisms?

Yes we can, when it comes to breaking down biofilms and preventing their reformation, 3 key ingredients in the CanXida Remvoe formula stand out above the rest:

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)
  • Garlic, aged extract (2% allicin standardized) and;
  • Oregano Oil

Some studies demonstrating the effectiveness of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) against biofilms can be found here:

And here:

A study demonstrating the effectiveness of Garlic against biofilms can be found here:

And finally, a study demonstrating the effectiveness of Oregano Oil against biofilms can be found here:

In addition to this, we have seen hundreds of comprehensive stool test reports from customers that validate that Candida had a positive biofilm culture, and after treatment – the test result was negative.

Question: How were the specific strains of probiotics chosen for CanXida Restore?

The specific strains of probiotics found in CanXida Restore were meticulously studied for decades by the New Zealand based Naturopath Mr Eric Bakker and demonstrated to be very effective at helping his patients recover from Candida Albicans infections and were therefore chosen by him to be in the CanXida Restore formula.

And, it turns out what has been working well for his patients at his private clinic is now also working well for thousands of people all over the world via the CanXida Restore formula.

Question: Can you provide more technical details about the enzymes present in CanXida Restore and how they aid digestion?

The enzymes present in CanXida Restore were chosen to work well as a team in the CanXida Restore formula as they specialize in different areas and although they’re quite effective individually, they’re even more effective when working as a team, we will provide a profile on each of the enzymes below for you:

Amylase: Amylase is an enzyme that primarily specializes in breaking down starches to turn them into sugars, so when you see Amylase, think about it as being an enzyme that helps you break down all complex carbohydrates you consume.

Cellulase: An enzyme that specializes in breaking down cellulose, a structural component found in many plants, so when you think of Cellulase, think of it as an enzyme that helps you digest your vegetables properly.

Glucoamylase: You may notice that the name sounds similar to Amylase, and, not surprisingly, it also functions in a similar way to Amylase, helping you break down starches into sugars so you can properly process the carbohydrates you consume.

Hemicellulase: Just like Glucoamylase being similar to Amylase, Hemicellulase is also similar to Cellulase in that it helps with breaking down cellulose, helping you with digesting vegetables as well as some carbohydrate sources.

Invertase: Invertase is an enzyme specialising in the breakdown of sugar, and is especially good at converting sucrose (table sugar or the sugar found in many foods) into glucose (simple sugar used as fuel for many functions throughout our bodies).

Protease: The name of this enzyme provides a subtle clue as to the kind of foods it helps you break down. This is because Protease helps you with breaking down proteins, specifically, it helps you break down proteins into smaller components known as amino acids, where they can be re-arranged by your body to create new proteins to perform various functions throughout the body.

Serratiopeptidase: Serratiopeptidase is an interesting enzyme in that it’s less of a specialist than the other enzymes found in the CanXida Restore formula but it brings another unique feature to the table: An anti-inflammatory effect.

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