Your Questions Answered: Adaptogenic Herbs, Sensitive Gut, Other Supplements, Chronic Antibiotic Use & When Not To Take CanXida

Question: Are there any known interactions of CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) with common supplements recommended by naturopaths, such as probiotics, digestive enzymes, or adaptogenic herbs?

While there are interactions with certain pharmaceutical drugs, there are no interactions with any common supplements including probiotics, digestive enzymes or adaptogenic herbs.

The only real risk to be aware of is avoiding doubling down on certain ingredients already present within the CanXida Remove formula, for example, we do not recommend taking any additional Clove on top of what’s already present in the CanXida Remove formula as if levels become excessive, they can create unnecessary stress on your liver.

A similar amount of caution should also be taken with pau d’arco, so always double check the ingredients in all the supplements you take to avoid doubling up on any of the ingredients in CanXida Remove.

Question: Is there a protocol or recommended approach for gradually introducing CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) to clients, particularly those with sensitive systems or severe gut imbalances?

Yes. In general, we recommend everyone start with just 1 tablet per day, taken with lunch for your entire first week.

If this is successful, we encourage you to increase your dosage to 2 per day: 1 at breakfast and one at lunch, always with food.

If you experience discomfort or side effects at the 1 tablet dosage, we recommend you stop taking it until these subside, then re-introduce it at just a ½ tablet dose per day.

If you are successful at a ½ tablet dose, you can then increase to 1 tablet, and then after another week, increase it to 2.

This is also advisable on the way out too, for example, if you’ve been taking CanXida Remove for 6+ weeks or a few months and you are experiencing the benefits and no longer suffering any symptoms of infection, we recommend you decrease step by step, going down from 3 tablets to 2, and then 1 etc. As stopping cold turkey can also sometimes produce side effects similar to those you may experience when first starting.

Question: Can CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) be used alongside other gut healing supplements such as L-glutamine, collagen, or bone broth?

Yes it can, in fact, it may even help enhance the performance of these supplements by creating a more favourable gut environment for them to be absorbed in.

And, they can work as a team, potentially accelerating your results at a faster rate vs taking any of these supplements in isolation.

Question: Are there any considerations or special instructions for using CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) in clients with a history of chronic antibiotic use?

Yes. Start slow.

If you have a history of chronic antibiotic use, you’re more likely to have a fragile gut, leaving you more prone to discomfort or side effects for any supplement you add to your routine, including CanXida Remove.

If you experience discomfort when taking your first tablet of CanXida Remove, we recommend you scale it back to just a ½ tablet per day for the first week, and, if this is still too much, try a ¼ tablet and build up from there.

You absolutely can build up to a full 3+ tablets per day like most of our customers, we just advise you to take a slower journey to help reduce your chances of discomfort or side effects.

Question: Are there any circumstances or conditions under which you would recommend against using CanXida Remove (Formula RMV)?

Yes, if you have severe inflammatory disorders like crohn’s or are recovering from surgery on any part of your digestive system, we recommend you approach things with extreme caution just to be safe.

Please talk with your doctor first before introducing CanXida Remove into your situation and if you are given the all clear, we recommend you start very slowly with just a ½ tablet dosage per day for your first week, taken with food at lunch time.

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