What’s the difference between Remove, Restore and Rebuild? What is for what?

There is quite a big difference between the 3 CanXida formulas: Remove, Restore and Rebuild.

This is because they’re designed to work in cooperation with each other and are not substitutes for each other.

CanXida Remove:

CanXida Remove is designed to be a strong and steady first step to begin the process of removing a bacterial, yeast, viral or parasitic infection.

It does this through a combination of 12 potent ingredients all combined into a unique time-released tablet to provide you with what you need while at the same time, minimizing the chance of side effects by not giving you everything all at once.

CanXida Restore:

CanXida Restore is designed to restore the “good guys” to power so they can create a favourable gut health environment for you to allow for strong digestion, proper absorption of nutrients, great energy levels and a strong immune system once more.

These good guys are otherwise known as probiotics or “good” bacteria and, in addition to them, CanXida Restore also provides you with digestive enzymes which serve to not only help you fully break down and absorb the foods you eat but they can also help with breaking down and destroying nasty substances left behind by bad bacteria, yeasts, viruses and parasites who have been living in your digestive system.

So, now that you’ve taken care of the bad guys and restored the good guys, what comes next?

CanXida Rebuild:

Now that you have a thriving digestive system once more, CanXida Rebuild can assist you with boosting your levels of critical vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that you may be low in due to a recent infection.

In addition to a generous dose of vitamins and minerals, CanXida Rebuild also provides you with a unique blend of herbs, plant extracts and digestion boosting nutrients to keep your intestines in an ideal state to absorb all the vitamins and minerals you’re getting from this formula as well as from the foods you eat.

All 3 of the core CanXida products have an important role to play and can work well individually, however, when combined, the results can be absolutely incredible and this is why they were designed to be used as a team.