I Will Not Buy CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) Because It Contains Magnesium Stearate. Why CanXida RMV Contains Magnesium Stearate?

Recently, a customer wrote to us:

I was going to order this because of the right ingredients. but, when I saw it is a tablet not capsule and has Magnesium Stearate I decided not to order. MS is the worst additives you can use in good formula. This good formula does not deserve that.

Thank you for sharing your concerns about the use of magnesium stearate in our Canxida Remove (Formula RMV)tablets. We fully understand your reservations and take them very seriously. We’d like to clarify the reasons behind using magnesium stearate in our product, and address the misconceptions that exist around this compound.

Magnesium stearate is a substance that is used widely in the pharmaceutical industry as a “flow agent”. It helps to ensure that the ingredients mix together thoroughly and do not stick to the manufacturing equipment during the production process. It is particularly beneficial for products like Canxida Remove, where we need to make sure that all ingredients are evenly distributed throughout each tablet for maximum effectiveness.

Contrary to some popular misconceptions, magnesium stearate is not toxic or indigestible. In fact, it is a type of stearic acid, a fat commonly found in foods like coconut oil, chocolate, cocoa, and many types of meat. Given that it is likely already a part of your diet, your body is well-equipped to handle this substance. Magnesium stearate helps to hold the tablet together, and a healthy individual will have no problems breaking down this long-chain fatty acid.

However, if you have certain conditions such as serious hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver or pancreatic cancer, or if you consume alcohol heavily, you may encounter difficulties digesting magnesium stearate.

Several scientific studies and reviews have concluded that magnesium stearate is safe for consumption in pharmaceutical products.

Please refer to this link from FDA: https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm?fr=184.1440

We’d also suggest you read this absolutely amazing article by Chris Kresser: https://chriskresser.com/harmful-or-harmless-magnesium-stearate/. It will answer a lot of other questions you might have about magnesium stearate.

Further, we want to make sure you’re aware that the formulation of our Canxida Remove product is not taken lightly. We have experimented with several other dietary supplements to fine-tune our formula and maximize its effectiveness.

Please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxjEX6Ss708

Given the intricate nature of our formula and its impact on health, making any changes is a significant decision. We understand the concerns about magnesium stearate and are actively exploring alternatives. However, this process is far from straightforward—it requires extensive time, research, and financial investment to ensure we find an ingredient that works as effectively as magnesium stearate and does not compromise the efficacy or safety of our product.

The dose of magnesium stearate we use is minuscule—it merely serves as a flow agent to improve the manufacturing process and the consistency of our product. It’s not present in quantities that would typically cause the issues many people associate with it.

We want to assure you that we take the quality and safety of our products very seriously, and we do not incorporate any ingredient without thorough consideration of its benefits and potential drawbacks. Our main priority is to provide our customers with products that are both safe and effective, and our current use of magnesium stearate aligns with this objective.

Let me further elaborate on why we opted for a tablet form for our Canxida Remove formula.

One of the main advantages of a tablet over a capsule for complex formulas such as Canxida Remove is its capacity for a higher concentration of active ingredients. Thanks to their denser composition, tablets can accommodate a greater amount of these beneficial constituents. This means each dose you take is packed with a larger amount of the substances that help your body.

Additionally, the process of creating tablets provides a means to control and standardize the release of the ingredients in the body. This feature is particularly vital for a comprehensive formula like Canxida Remove, designed to deliver sustained effects over time.

Furthermore, tablets generally possess superior stability compared to capsules, which contributes to maintaining the formula’s potency and efficacy for a longer duration.

While we acknowledge the preference some individuals might have for capsules, our primary goal at CanXida is to ensure the effectiveness of our products. Our decision to use the tablet format is rooted in this commitment to providing our customers with the most beneficial and efficient solutions.

We truly appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to strive for improvement, always keeping our customers’ wellbeing at the forefront of our operations.

We hope this addresses your concerns, if you have further queries, please do not hesitate to reach out.