Does A Yeast Infection Emit A Fishy Odor?

Does a yeast infection come with a fishy smell? The answer is not typically. A yeast infection generally does not produce a fish-like or briny vaginal aroma. Instead, its signature scent is more on the musty side. Many individuals with a yeast infection may also experience a cheesy-like discharge accompanied by intense itching.

When one mentions a fishy smell, it often points towards bacterial vaginosis. This condition is characterized by a different kind of watery, profuse, gray discharge accompanied by that distinct fish brine odor. Therefore, while a Candida infection might produce a strong odor, it shouldn’t be mistaken for a fishy one.

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Disclaimer: While this post provides information on yeast infections and their associated odors, it’s crucial to consult with your healthcare professional for personalized advice and diagnosis.