Your Questions Answered: Urine Tests, CT Scan & Digestive Tests

Question: Can CanXida supplements influence urine tests, such as for urinary tract infections or kidney function?

The kidneys are vital organs in our body responsible for filtering blood, removing waste products, balancing electrolytes, and producing urine. Ensuring they function properly is crucial for our overall health, and any irregularities can lead to a range of health complications.

Urine tests, commonly referred to as urinalysis, are conducted for several reasons. They can diagnose kidney and urinary tract conditions by identifying abnormalities such as blood or protein in the urine. They also detect urinary tract infections (UTIs) by noting the presence of bacteria, white blood cells, or nitrites. Furthermore, individuals with conditions like chronic kidney diseases or diabetes might undergo regular urine tests as a monitoring measure. Additionally, some medications are excreted through urine, and tests can be used to ensure proper dosing.

But what about CanXida’s influence on your test?

We’re not aware of our supplements interfering with standard urine tests, whether for UTIs, kidney function, or other urinary indicators. Nonetheless, given the significance of obtaining accurate test results, especially related to the kidneys or urinary tract, it’s always wise to inform your healthcare provider about any supplements, including CanXida, that you’re currently taking before any testing.

Question: Will taking CanXida supplements affect diagnostic imaging tests like X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs?

There’s no evidence to suggest CanXida would interfere with diagnostic imaging tests such as X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs.

Question: Could CanXida interfere with tests for digestive health, like tests for leaky gut or gut microbiome tests?

CanXida supplements are specifically formulated to support digestive health and address candida overgrowth. Given their influence on the gut microbiome, it’s possible that they could alter the outcomes of certain digestive health tests. If you’re planning to undergo tests for leaky gut, gut microbiome assessments, or related diagnostics, we recommend discontinuing CanXida temporarily and consulting with your healthcare provider to determine the appropriate steps to ensure accurate test results

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