Your Questions Answered: Rebuild Nutrients, Time-Released Capsule, Neutralize Effects, Standardized & Re-Acidify Stomach

Question: Can you provide more technical details about how CanXida Rebuild supports the immune system and helps prevent nutrient deficiencies?

CanXida Rebuild supports your immune system and helps you prevent nutrient deficiencies by providing you a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals in highly absorbable forms, these are the kinds of nutrients you may be lacking in after suffering from a yeast, bacteria, parasite or viral infection.

And, in addition to that, we also include a proprietary blend of carefully selected ingredients designed to soothe your digestive tract and help you properly absorb the nutrients coming in, not only from CanXida Rebuild, but also from the foods you eat.

By ensuring you’re not only getting enough quality vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, but also actually absorbing them, you’ll also be strengthening your immune system by giving it the resources it needs to operate effectively around the clock.

Question: How does the time-released capsule in CanXida Restore work?

The time released capsule in CanXida Restore has what’s called an “enteric coating”, this special construction allows the capsule to stay in tact at low Ph levels (such as the very low levels of 1.5 – 3.5 typically found in stomach acid) and open at a higher, more neutral or alkaline Ph such as that found in your small intestine (6 – 7.4+).

The time it can take for these capsules to reach their destination can vary greatly from as little as 30 minutes to as much as 7+ hours, depending on the presence, or lack thereof of food.

And by keeping the ingredients in tact all the way until they reach your small intestine, CanXida Restore creates an ideal situation for the probiotic strains in the product to multiply and flourish, re-establishing a favorable gut microbiome for you once more.

Question: How do you ensure ingredients in CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) don’t neutralize each other’s effects?

All of the ingredients in CanXida Remove have been carefully selected to complement each other and magnify each other’s effects, not to clash or neutralize each other.

For example: Caprylic acid, Undecylenic acid and Betaine HCL all help to boost the strength of your stomach acid by lowering its Ph, and all 3 of them work together for an even more powerful effect than any of them alone.

If the product was to contain an ingredient that has the opposite effect such as calcium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate, this would be counterproductive, but luckily, it does not contain either of these substances or any others like them.

CanXida Remove also contains a high amount of Biotin, which does a fantastic job of preventing candida from multiplying, however, as Biotin is a B-Vitamin, its absorption can be interrupted by certain compounds such as tannins (found in tea and wine) and caffeine (found in coffee, tea, chocolate and many other foods and plants).

CanXida Remove is a stimulant free product and therefore does not contain any caffeine, nor does it contain theanine, so there is nothing in there which could limit the effectiveness of the biotin.

And the same story goes as you examine every other ingredient in the formula, they work side by side, with none of them limiting each other, it really is a dream team of bad bacteria fighting, anti-yeast, anti-parasitic and anti-viral activity.

Question: Why are certain ingredients standardized to a particular percentage of active compounds? How does this affect their potency?

When it comes to the standardized ingredients in the CanXida Remove formula, not only are they far more potent when compared to regular non-standardized versions of these ingredients, but also, the high percentage of standardization we use brings an additional positive impact to the formula.

For example, most Grapefruit Seed Extracts (GSE) contain around 10% naringin (a key active ingredient when it comes to fighting bacteria and yeasts, but we use a 45% standardized version, that’s 4.5x more powerful than a regular Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Our Garlic is standardized to a 2% allicin content, that’s as much as 20x the amount of allicin found in a regular clove of garlic.

These high percentages of standardization allow us to provide you with a much more effective AND more compact formula.

Question: How does CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) help to re-acidify the stomach environment? Can you explain more about this process?

CanXida Remove helps to reacidify the stomach by providing 3 ingredients which “donate” their low Ph level to your stomach acid, helping to lower it, bringing it into the optimal range and making it far more effective at properly breaking down the foods you eat.

These 3 ingredients are:

  • Caprylic acid
  • Undecylenic acid and;
  • Betaine HCL

And, once your stomach environment is more acidic like it’s meant to be, you’ll digest the foods you eat more effectively, helping you extract more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from them and preventing partially digested or undigested particles of food from passing through to your intestines where they could cause inflammation or become a food source for bad bacteria looking to multiply and cause trouble.

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