Your Questions Answered: Pathogenic Bacteria Leaky Gut, Iron Infusion For Low Iron & Pimples in Private Areas

Question: I have been diagnosed with IBS global symptoms. Upon a microbiome analysis I have high levels of candida, pathogenic bacteria and leaky gut. I tried some oregano slow release capsules 50mg per capsule. I also have been taking a multi strain probiotic as well as introducing more fibre in to my diet. I seem to have a very sensitive digestive system and I need to take things slow and steady. Would you recommend the canxida remove and why ? Sometimes i get adverse reactions to starting something new, the gut reacting to a new product. I’m tired of having symptoms and I want to get back to feeling well.

IBS shares similar symptoms to Candida overgrowth or other forms of gut dysbiosis, so testing is a great start. Focusing on healing the gut is the first step to try to manage the symptoms. An underlying chronic infection can contribute to a buildup of toxins so lifestyle changes are important. Try to get more fiber (30 grams daily) and fermented foods to nourish your gut bacteria and also to help with clearing out toxins. To help support your gut I recommend a Multivitamin like Rebuild made specifically to repair the gut barrier from Candida which causes leaky gut. This mutivitamin will also help support your liver clear out toxins.

Your body is under a lot of stress when in dysbiosis so a probiotic can help raise your immune defenses against pathogens. A daily probiotic like CanXida Restore which has 6 beneficial probiotic strains can help crowd out bad pathogens, restore a healthy gut environment and build up gut immunity. It has additional digestive enzymes to break down food more efficently and systemic enzymes to destroy biofilms made by pathogens. CanXida Remove can help eradicate any bacterial or fungal infection and thus balance your microbiome. It is fromulated with natural herbal medicines like oregano oil, berberine, caprilyc acid (biofilm buster) that have been proven to eradicate fungal infections and have anti-bacterial properties. If you think you might be sensitive to antifungal herbs I suggest starting with very low doses (1/4 tablet). Probiotics and antifungals are both powerful elements of the Candida treatment plan, so it’s really important to leave enough time between starting each of these phases.

Question: Should I have an iron infusion if my iron levels are low due to Blastocystis Homins? Or does that feed it?Should I just treat the parasite first?

The role of iron in parasite infections is complex. On one hand, iron improves the immune function and increases the susceptibility of certain parasites to antimicrobial medications. At the same time, iron also improves the ability of some parasites to invade the host. Other studies point out that individuals taking iron supplements to treat anemia and related disorders have an increased risk of getting infections. However an iron transfusion might be necessary before dealing with other medication, to restore your energy levels and help your immune system. Ideally you want to get a blood trasnfusion first but avoid taking iron tablets while fighting of the parasite. Pathogens such as yeast and parasites need free iron to invade human cells.

However, a protein called lactoferrin found in saliva binds to the free iron and thereby prevents yeast infections. But, individuals with certain types of anemia have low levels of lactoferrin and may be more susceptible to candida infections. Blactocystis hominis infections can be very stubborn to get rid of if you don’t take the right supplements and medications. Always talk to your health care provider for treatment options since you might need to follow a more rigorous protocol of antiparasitic medication like Falgyl or Tindamax. Ideally tou want to also focus on a low sugar diet, focusing on low sugar fruits, vegetables and high quality proteins. Suplemments like CanXida can help which is a combination of three supplements, including a probiotic called Restore with systemic and digestive enzymes, an antimicrobial formula called Remove which has antiparasitic herbs like berberine and black walnut and a multivitamin called Rebuild since many people with parasite infections are deficient in many vitamins and minerals.

Question: I live in Uganda for about 8 years i have been having mucus in my throat and later on started having acid reflax, gastritis, bloating, occasionally i get a painful swelling its like a cluster of small pimples together with purse like fluid in them around the anus area sometimes on the labia, recently i got the same swelling on my left upper back and an itchy and tingly sensation on my left breast and nipple. At some point j went to several doctors and was given the HPylory kit which didn’t help much, pls help am drowning in phlegm.

Following a comprehensive gut protocol will give you some relief from symptoms you are experiencing. Candida overgrowth is likely to be responsible for many of the symptoms you are describing including excess mucous production, skin disorders and digestive issues. Taking a comprehensive stool test can be useful to have a better chance at understanding what you are dealing with, it might be simply a yeast overgrowth, but there could also be a more complex dysbiosis. Try switching to a low sugar anti-Candida diet. Candida albicans thrives on a diet full of sugars. You also need to focus on foods that are good for gut health and will help to reduce gut inflammation caused by Candida. Add more anti-inflammatory foods including vegetables, wild fish, berries and seeds like flax, chia. Taking a high quality probiotic like CanXida Remove is KEY.

Recolonising your gut with probiotic bacteria is a crucial part of fighting Candida, and restoring your gut flora to a healthy balance. Use natural antifungals which work by breaking down and destroying the cell walls of Candida albicans. Natural antifungals include caprylic acid, oregano oil and garlic extract. Ideally you want to start with small doses to prevent intense symptoms of yeast die-off. Additionally you can support your immune system and gut barrier by taking a multivitamin like CanXida Rebuild with added herbal medicines for intestinal barrier repair which will help heal leaky gut. Make sure to focus on the basics as well including reducing your stress levels, improving your diet and exercise.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for educational purposes only. Always consult with your healthcare professional before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, health control, or exercise program.