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Question: Is CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) effective as a standalone treatment, or should it be combined with other interventions for optimal results?

It is effective as a standalone treatment.

However, it can work even better when combined with the right additional interventions and strategies.

A key one is positive dietary changes such as minimizing processed foods and eating mostly high quality meats, vegetables, raw nuts and a small amount of low sugar, nutritious fruits such as blueberries.

In regards to other supplements, CanXida Remove works very well alongside its sister products CanXida Restore and CanXida Rebuild and these can be added in to your routine already on week 2 of your treatment with CanXida Remove.

Question: Can CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) be safely used in protocols for patients with histamine intolerance or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)

Yes it can.

CanXida Remove aims to treat yeast infections and too much yeast is a common cause of MCAS and other histamine related issues.

In addition to adding CanXida Remove to dietary protocols for histamine intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), there are also some other dietary supplements we recommend adding to your routine to help you even further.

Vitamin C is an important one and acts as a natural antihistamine.

Bioflavonoids (nutrients often found alongside Vitamin C in nature) can also help, a key one in this situation being Quercetin.

Digestive enzymes can also help and this is where taking CanXida Restore can help you as it provides 7 carefully selected and highly effective digestive enzymes.

Question: Are there any specific contraindications or precautions for using CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) with clients who have autoimmune conditions?

CanXida Remove can help greatly with autoimmune conditions as improving gut health often leads to an improvement of symptoms in people who suffer from autoimmune conditions.

However, there is 1 potential contraindication with CanXida Remove and people with autoimmune conditions.

If you are taking immunosuppressant drugs (such as corticosteroids) we recommend you ask your doctor first before taking CanXida Remove as the Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) found in CanXida Remove has the potential for negative interactions with this class of drugs.

Question: Does CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) address other aspects of gut health, such as bile production, digestive enzyme secretion, or stomach acid regulation?

Yes, in a positive way.

Caprylic Acid, Undecylenic Acid and Betaine HCL all work together to decrease the Ph of your stomach acid, therefore strengthening it and improving your ability to properly break down and digest the foods you eat.

And, by also lowering the Ph in your small intestine, these 3 ingredients create an ideal environment for your digestive enzymes to do their best work and extract vitamins, minerals and other nutrients out of the foods you eat.

Berberine, one of the key ingredients in the CanXida Remove formula, helps to stimulate bile production, further improving your digestive powers and your ability to break down fats.

Question: Can CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) be used as a preventative measure in clients with a predisposition to gut dysbiosis, such as those with a family history of autoimmune disease or gut disorders?


CanXida Remove works to fight against yeasts, bad bacteria, parasites and viruses and if you’re more vulnerable than others to these kinds of pathogens taking hold in your gut, using CanXida Remove as a preventative measure may prove to be quite effective for you.

However, if you’re currently taking any prescription drugs for your condition, please check with your doctor first before taking CanXida Remove in case of potential interactions, especially so if you’re taking immunosuppressants to treat an autoimmune disease as this class of drugs can potentially interact negatively with a key ingredient in the CanXida Remove formula: Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE).

Question: Does CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) support gut health in clients undergoing treatments that may impact the gut microbiome, such as chemotherapy or long-term antibiotic use?

Yes, however, we do not recommend taking CanXida Remove at the same time as any of these kinds of treatments as it may be overkill and more likely to cause side effects in this situation.

Instead, we recommend you wait for a break in your treatment to introduce CanXida Remove, not only does this reduce the chances of side effects but it also has the potential to make your other treatments even more effective by continuing to fight against bad bacteria, yeasts, parasites and viruses while you’re having a break from them.

Question: How does CanXida Remove (Formula RMV) support the balance of electrolytes in the gut, which is crucial for overall gut health and function?

By fighting against bad bacteria, yeasts, parasites and viruses while leaving your good bacteria unharmed, allowing them to flourish and multiply, CanXida Remove can help you create a more favourable environment for the absorption of all nutrients, including electrolytes.

And, by lowering the Ph in your small intestine to an optimal level, allowing digestive enzymes to function effectively and creating a hostile environment for parasites, yeasts, bad bacteria and viruses who may try to feed on your electrolytes instead, CanXida Remove also helps you absorb more electrolytes in your small and large intestines, a critical area of your digestive system where most electrolytes are absorbed.

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