Your Questions Answered: Hype About Fulvic Acid, CanXida While Having Biologic Injections (Vedolizmab) & GI Has Been Wiped After Lymes Treatment

Question: What is all the hype about fulvic acid?

Fulvic acid has been found to be very effective in breaking down biofilms. Candidiasis often consist of biofilms which are thick secretions produced by bacteria and fungi that protect these microorganisms from antibiotics and other treatments that would destroy them. A 2012 study by UK researchers showed that fulvic acid was an effective antifungal treatment that didn’t develop resistance. It not only help aids with the dissolution of biofilms but it is also a powerful antioxidant which can help support our immune system fight infections. Fulvic acid also contains over 70 beneficial micro nutrients that will help us restore our intestinal health, including: vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics, and amino acids. A study conducted specifically on Candida albicans indicates that the fulvic acid alone does not exhibit enough anti-fungal activity alone to eradicate Candida but when paired with antifungal therapy like CanXida Remove, it enhances the antifungal activity of the other drugs. Fulvic acid does not have a negative interaction with other natural antimicrobials like oregano oil, black walnut extract, grape fruit seed extract, etc. so they are safe to be taken together.

Fulvic acid can also help with bacterial dysbiosis so it is a great supplement to add if you are having a more complex dysbiosis. Reestablishing a balanced digestion also requires following a strict anti-candida diet and antimicrobial therapy like Canxida Remove alongside a good probiotic like CanXida Restore to replenish good gut bacteria. It also helpful to introduce lifestyle changes to support your body during a candida infection. Get adequate sleep each night, stay hydrated and exercise daily, all of which maintain immunity and support detoxification. Be careful if you are taking anticoagulants (medications that slow blood clotting), thyroid medication or immunosuppresants since fulvic acid can interact with these and reduce their efficacy.

Question: Could you tell me if you can take these CanXida while having biologic injections (vedolizmab).

Vedolizumab is a ‘gut-selective integrin blocker’ that targets white blood cells in the gut. White blood cells are made by the immune system to fight infection. In Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, overproduction of these cells leads to inflammation. Vedolizumab works by stopping the white blood cells from entering the lining of the gut. This means that the drug only targets the gut, rather than the whole of the body, and may cause fewer side effects. Vedolizumab is only given as an intravenous (IV) infusion and cannot be taken orally (in tablet form), because your digestive system would destroy it.

There are very few drug interactions with vedolizumabsince it is a biological antibody and does not affect drug metabolism so receiving injections of this drug while taking oral supplements should not affect the metabolism of the herbal extracts from CanXida Remove or probiotics like in CanXida Restore. Vedolizumab might be able to interact with certain vaccines, or specific medications like TNF Blockers and Natalizumab so always speak with your primary health care provider about specific questions regarding your treatment and other medications and supplements you are using.

Question: Suggestions of what to take for lymes disease that is natural along with your canixida for yeast. a double whammy of problems. already taking some of things listed in your product for my lymes :GSE,berberine, blk walnut,oregano oil . (other stuff told to take: banderol, cats claw, olive leaf, monolaurin, pinella & burbur not in your product) Been on multiple antibiotics, now stopped, GI has been wiped out of the good i am sure. can i take 2 different treatments at same time or deal with each separately?

Unfortunately lyme disease must be treated early with antibiotics to prevent progress to symptomatic lyme disease. After antibiotics you can benefit from a gut-healing protocol which will restore balance in your gut flora and support you gut immunity. The first step is to Remove anything that’s irritating the gut, including foods like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and processed food. It’s possible that you may also have intolerances, sensitivities, and allergies that are affecting your gut’s health. You can benefit from working with a dietitian to test for food sensitvities and help you introduce foods. Your gut-healing plan should include supplements to replace anything that’s missing like digestive enzymes to help you digest food. Betaine HCL and bitter herbs will help rebalance your stomach acidity which is the first line of defense against pathogens.

Because digestive issues can affect your absorption of nutrients like iron, B12, magnesium, a mutivitamin high in those nutrients can help replenish your body and heal your gut. The third step is Restoring which means returning the collection of good gut bacteria that helps your immune, metabolic, and digestive health. This can be done with a probiotic supplement like CanXida Restore with added digestive enzymes for optimal gut health. Finally you can Repair the intestinal mucosa and cells, reduce gut inflammation, and support gut immunity.This step includes incorporating into your diet foods that are high in zinc and amino acids, like bone broth, and aloe vera and supplements like L-glutamine, and slippery elm found in CanXida Rebuild. I recommend taking each treatment separately since too many supplements taken together can overwhelm your liver. You can benefit from taking a probiotic with digestive enzymes like Restore and a multivitamin with gut-healing nutrients like Rebuild together, and alternate every other day with your other supplements.