Your Questions Answered: Fibroid With Candida, Shilajit Or Fulvic Acid For Candida & Can Candida Cause Cancer

Question: I’ve had Candida for years and never really tried to get rid of it. Last year, I learned I have a fibroid and recently learned that Candida can be in the way of my liver not filtering estrogen properly, which may be cause for the fibroid not going away.

Sex hormone imbalances are directly linked to gut dysbiosis in many ways. Candida is known to produce toxic substances that can have a debilitating impact on the ovaries, which produce estrogen and progesterone. Candida can also create havoc in the digestive system that leads to gut imbalances. Gut bacteria known as the estrobolome are responsible for metabolizing and eliminating estrogen from the body. They also absorb nutrients in order to synthesize hormones and support the elimination of toxins and chemicals that can lead to hormone imbalances. Estrogen dominance can disrupt the gut micorbiome and allow overgrowth of yeast or parasites. Excess estrogen can increase the risk for dysbiosis and yeast infections.

Candida can also stress the liver and deplete key vitamins needed for proper detoxification. Follow a low-sugar diet which cuts refined carbohydrates and sugars and an antimicrobial protocol that includes black walnut, oregano, and caprylic acid to ensure potency and broad spectrum action. Make sure you add more antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables and anti-inflammatory foods like fish and flax/chia. The CanXida Rebuild multivitamin contains key vitamins and minerals plus herbal medicines like slippery to help repair the gut barrier. To help your hormones come back into balance avoid using plastics that contain BPA, eat more cruciferous vegetables, consider a fiber supplement like flax/psyllium and take milk thistle or herbal bitters for your liver.

Question: I have some questions reguarding using other products like creatin and a substance called „shilajit“ or named fulvic acid together with canxida? Can i take those for my low testosterone while cleansing?

Creatine is a well-studied performance-enhancing supplement that can safely increase muscle mass and improve physical and cognitive performace. Creatine supplements are generally well-tolerated and they are only known to cause some water retention as a side effect. There aren’t many studied interactions with creatine supplements, however, be careful when using creatine if you take other medications. That’s because creatine is excreted in urine and combined with other medication it can be hard on the kidneys. Be sure to stay properly hydrated when taking creatine and especially if excercising. Interactions with antifungals in the Remove formula are unknown to date, but make sure to speak with a health care provder if you have questions and concerns about supplement interaction. Shilajit is an ayurvedic health food sourced from the Himalayan mountains that contains an impressive amount of vitamins and minerals, so it is in general a great addition to boost overall health.

Shilajit has natural levels of fulvic acid which is a potent anti fungal and antimicrobial agent. Fulvic acid exhibits potent anti-fungal activity and has been shown to kill Candida in several studies, so it is a great addition to take with CanXida Remove to help eradicate Candida. Fulvic acid in shilajit does not have a negative interaction with other natural antimicrobials like oregano oil, black walnut extract, grape fruit seed extract, etc. so they are safe to be taken together. Shilajit can also help with bacterial dysbiosis so it is a great supplement to add if you are having a more complex dysbiosis. Reestablishing a balanced digestion also requires following a strict anti-candida diet and antimicrobial therapy like Remove alongside a good probiotic like Restore to replenish good gut bacteria. It also helpful to introduce lifestyle changes to support your body during a candida infection.

Question: Had a yeast infection for 2.5 years, and it’s gone beyond normal symptoms. It feels like it’s something if an entirely different nature, except it still feeds on sugar, alcohol (even in little tinctures from my naturopath – it causes vaginal pain), carbohydrates (pretty much any grains), dairy (not sure about yogurt, I’ve had it go both ways with that, and even better sweeteners like stevia. Also, since I’ve practically lived off of nuts for a time, they sometimes also cause irritation down there. Two things – I’m taking your products for a couple months now, but still have the same pain – also, at times abdominal cramping (even if I drink water). Lastly, my dad died from cancer and my mom had the same kind, melanoma, that killed him-is it possible that fungus/yeast either turns into cancer or creates a perfect environment for it to grow?

Some recent studies have revealed ( that some fungal species in tumors can help drive and worsen cancer outcomes. There is more information now about the cancer-related roles of fungi, which, like bacteria and viruses, colonize the gut, lungs, skin and other tissues, interact with the immune system, and sometimes cause disease. The study revealed that certain fungal species are relatively abundant in some tumors. These species include, in gastrointestinal tumors, Candida tropicalis and Candida albicans, which causes thrush and yeast infections; in lung tumors, species of Blastomyces; and in breast tumors, species of Malassezia.

Additionally other studies were able to confirm, the presence of live Candida species in colorectal tumor samples. Their analysis linked higher levels of Candida in gastrointestinal tumors to tumor activity promoting inflammation, which is linked with cancer’s late-stage spread to distant organs, known as metastasis. Higher Candida levels for such tumors were also directly associated with a greater rate of metastasis. More over researchers often detected DNA from the same Candida species in both gastrointestinal tumor samples and blood samples from the same patients. This fungi and yeast that are linked to tumors could also be targets for antifungal therapies to improve overall treatment outcomes for cancer patients. Systemic enzymes have been shown to inhibit and disrupt biofilm formation and digestive enzymes help lessen symptoms of die-off from the yeast.

Disclaimer: It’s crucial to consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your health regimen or when experiencing symptoms.