Your Questions Answered: Enzymes, Tributyrin & Heavy Mold Toxicity

Question: I’m very concerned about taking the enzymes with food?? Shouldn’t the enzymes be consumed separately to bust biofilm? Your feedback will be greatly appreciated thank you kindly

Yes, enzymes in CanXida Restore assist with the removal of bacteria fragments and disrupt bacterial biofilms. This will in turn help reduce the symptoms of detox produced by bacterial toxins. These enzymes ARE best taken away from food, and for this reason we recommend to take a second dose before bedtime. The first dose capsule is taken in the morning before breakfast and the second should be taken before bedtime for optimal results.

Question: I just recently found out about Tributyrin aka CoreBiome. I’ve read some great things about it. What’s your opinion on on this supplement? Thanks

Tributyrin is a type of short-chain fatty acid also known as butyrate which is essential for our gut health. Short chain fatty acids like butyrate are naturally produced by bacterial fermentation. In healthy people butyrate is produced mostly by Firmicutes bacteria, when there is dysbiosis or we don’t consume enough plant foods production becomes limited. Butyrate has many properties including being an energy source for colon cells, helping prevent leaky gut, lowering gut inflammation and protecting the brain.

Other important short-chain fatty acids are acetate, propionate and lactate. These fatty acids work together in complex ways, for example acetate and propionate nourish butyrate-producing bacteria, so although a supplement like butyrate is a great tool to support you gut, it is best to address the root cause of low short-chain fatty acid production which is dysbiosis. For example a stool test can address if you have low probiotic bacteria including firmicutes, lactobacillus and bifidobacterium which all help in producing butyrate, lactic acid and acetate. Gut health is a complex system, think of it as a rainforest, that thrives on diversity, rainforests provide oxygen and rain, but if you kill the forest just adding rain or oxygen (in this case tributyrin) won’t solve the problem. The idea is to reforest first and that means increase you gut diversity.

The first step in any gut health protocol is to remove any offending pathogens, it is best to use natural antimicrobials like oil of oregano and grapefruit seed extract which can be found in CanXida Remove. Then it is important to recolonise with healthy bacteria with CanXida Restore which has the best probiotic bacteria namely Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium which help nourish those more delicate firmicutes that produce butyrate, and has additional digestive enzymes that will aid in restoring proper digestion. Finally it is important to repair that intestinal barrier with adequate nutrition, you can use additional supplements like butyrate to speed up gut healing and you can also other herbs like glutamine, slippery elm and B vitamins which are also found in the CanXida rebuild formula. Make sure to nourish gut bacteria with a diet rich in plant fiber, at least 30 grams per day and incorporate gut supporting habits like proper sleep, exercise and stress management.

Question: I have MARCONS heavy mold toxicity. I am working with a naturopath but a disappointed with her enthusiasm. Please guide me.

To help eradicate mold and yeast overgrowth it is important to follow a gut protocol that will help restore the health and balance of your microbiota.

The first step is to remove the offending pathogens like Candida by using natural antimicrobial therapy. It may also be necessary in this step to remove offending foods like gluten, diary, alcohol, artificial sweeteners and other medication that might be causing dysbiosis.

CanXida Remove is formulated with the best natural antifungal compounds including oil of oregano, caprylic acid, berberine, black walnut and garlic oil. This will help eradicate excess fungal growth and support normal yeast balance in your body. In case of having severe symptoms of Candida including malabsorption it is important to use digestive enzymes to restore proper digestion.

CanXida Restore is formulated with very potent digestive enzymes and probiotics to help maintain a proper balance of gut flora and prevent the overgrowth of yeast. The combination of systemic enzymes like protease and digestive enzymes help reduce inflammation and circulating toxins that cause yeast overgrowth symptoms and also help clear out dead yeast cells and toxins. Finally it is important to repair any signs of leaky gut by getting adequate nutrition and giving support to gut mucosal cells. You can include intestinal barrier repair compounds like slippery elm, glutamine, quercetin and B vitamins which are found in the Candida Rebuild formula. Additionally it is important to support your body getting plenty of fiber from plant food (30 g) and getting adequate sleep exercise and stress management. Following these steps will ensure you give your body the best chance at fighting Candida.

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