Your Questions Answered: DEXA Scan, Body Composition Test & Food Intolerance Test

Question: I’m scheduled for a DEXA scan to measure my bone density. Will taking CanXida interfere with the results?


Question: Could CanXida affect the results of my body composition tests, like body fat percentage or muscle mass assessments?

Body composition tests provide a more detailed look at one’s health than traditional weighing scales. These tests measure percentages of fat, bone, water, and muscle in human bodies. Common methods include Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA), Bioelectrical Impedance, and skinfold measurements. Accurate body composition analysis can help determine overall health status, track changes over time, and guide health and fitness interventions.

There’s no direct evidence to suggest that CanXida supplements would directly alter body composition or interfere with the accuracy of body composition tests. However, a healthier gut can indirectly support better nutrient absorption and overall wellness, which might influence body composition over a more extended period.

Question: I’m planning to get a food intolerance test. Should I stop taking CanXida before the test?

Food intolerance tests aim to identify specific foods or food components that an individual may have difficulty digesting or to which they might have a sensitivity. These are different from food allergy tests. Intolerances can lead to various symptoms, including digestive distress, migraines, and fatigue, but they don’t involve the immune system in the same way allergies do. Common testing methods include enzyme-based tests, antibody tests, and elimination diets.

Given that these tests aim to identify sensitivities related to your digestive system, it’s essential to represent your gut’s natural state during the testing process.

To ensure accurate results, we recommend discussing with your healthcare provider about any supplements you’re taking, including CanXida. They can guide you on whether it’s advisable to pause its intake before undergoing the test.

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