Your Questions Answered: Colonoscopy With Candida, Burning Sensation With Urine & CanXida Safety With Blood Thinners

Question: My primary care physician wants me to have a colonoscopy because of my age (62) and family history. My dad had colon cancer. I have been using your Canxida Cleanse, Remove, and Restore for about six months now, and am very thankful that I have almost completely eliminated all of the candida symptoms that I have been suffering from for decades. My question is, will all of the drugs that they want me to take to clear my intestinal tract before the procedure affect the balanced microbiome in my gut? That would really be a step in the wrong direction after achieving such relief from using your products.

Preparing for a colonoscopy requires clearing the bowel with fasting, a laxative drink and, in some cases an enema. Laxative use can alter the microbiome and lower the diversity of some bacterial species however a single dose of laxatives will not have a signficant impact and research suggest your microbiome will be back to normal in about two to four weeks. However chronic laxative use does have long term consequences in microbial diversity and is linked with dysbiosis and higher risk of certain diseases. Some doctors prescribe a two liter dose on the morning of the procedure but studies suggest it might be better for your gut microbiome to do two separate doses, one in the evening and one in the morning. You can look at the study here: Nonetheless I would recommend taking a high quality probiotic after the procedure.

It is important to bring back healthy colonies of beneficial gut microbes. Reintroducing beneficial bacteria back like Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus will help mantain your gut balance and prevent opportunistic pathogens from colonizing your gut. These probiotic strains have the most value in boosting immunity, lowering inflammation and rebalancing your gut flora. CanXida Restore includes these probiotic strains with additional digestive enzymes which are essential for restoring proper digestion and helping absorb nutrients.You can additionally add fermented foods after the procedure like sauerkraut, miso and coconut milk yogurt to increse diversity.

Question: I have had thrush, wish i would say it is. I do not have burning when i pee, but i am very itchy. I was put on APO-CLOTRIMAZOLE 3 DAY CREAM 20mg. I am on my third day, but feel no improvement. I use the syringe, and find some blood on it when taken out. My concern, is, maybe the thrush is in my small intestine as well, how can i find this out, because believe me these doctors in my town are not to good as wanting to find things out, and what are coursing this to happen, its just plls and pills. please, love to hear you reply on the matter.

Vaginal trush is a common fungal infection caused by Candida. Certain factors can increase your risk of getting a vaginal yeast infection including antibiotics, birth control, a weak immune system, or improper hygiene in the area. As women age major hormonal changes start happening that affect the vagina environment including lower pH and beneficial bacteria. Antifungal creams or vaginal suppositories are recommended to treast yeast infections like 2% Clotrimazole (Canesten). Oral tablets are less recommended since they can cause resistance and can alter you gut flora. A safer and gentler approach is to use natural antimicrobials like CanXida Remove formulated with 12 antifungal herbs to ensure potency and broad spectrum action.

Topical estrogens are also a novel therapy for older women. Estrogen stimulates the proliferation of lactobacillus, reduces vaginal pH, and avoids vaginal colonization of yeast. Probiotics are very useful to restore normal flora and they are an effective strategy to decrease the frequency of yeast and bacteria infections. You can use vaginal probiotic suppositories if you are having an active infection and use a high quality oral probiotic to prevent further infections. I recommend CanXida Restore which has 6 natural probiotic strains proven to prevent yeast and E. Coli overgrowth. Drinking plenty of water and frequently peeing will help prevent the yeast and bacteria from migrating to the urinary tract and causing a UTI’s. Cranberry extract and D-mannose can also help fight vaginal yeast infections since they prevent bacteria and yeast from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract. If you are experiencing unusual vaginal symptoms, such as itching, increased discharge, or bleeding seek MEDICAL help promptly.

Question: I have been taking canxida for several years now and it works. But I’ve just been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation Put on blood thinner and beta blocker. Question is it safe to take Canixda with these medication’s or do I need to stop

Unfortunately some of the herbs found in the CanXida Remove formula like Oregano, Grapefruit seed and Berberine can interact with blood thinning medication and increase the risk of bruising/bleeding so it is not advised to be taken together. Some antibiotics and antifungals can also interact with blood thinners like Warfarin so always work with a health care provider to look for a safe option for you. You can benefit from taking a high quality probiotic that contains multiple beneficial strains that target Candida including lactobacillus Acidophillus and Bifidobacterium. Probiotics also create an unfavorable environment for yeast to grow by lowering the pH of the gut and directly overcrowding the yeast preventing it from growing. Avoid refined grains, added sugars, alcohol, dairy and processed foods. Foods with antifungal properties to include are coconut oil, garlic, onion, ginger, bone broth, turmeric, and cinnamon. You can also add aloe vera, cabbage juice, L-glutamine and Omega-3 to support the gut barrier and increase gut immunity. Finally focus on lifestyle changes to improve sleep, exercise and manage stress.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for educational purposes only. Always consult with your healthcare professional before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, health control, or exercise program.